Dua of Saturday


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In the name of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful.

“Bismillaah” words that seekers of sanctuary repeatedly recite, words that the very cautious, in search of protection, often repeat.

I seek refuge with Allah, the Exalted above all, from the oppression of the unjust, from the deceitful malice the envious use to lay snares and traps, from the injustice and outrage of the tyrants, and I sing His praise, do better and go beyond other praisers.

0 Allah, Thou art 0ne, has no partner; and is the Lord-Master, without being made; there is no discrepancy or nonsense in Thy commands, nor is there lawlessness in Thy Kingdom.

I beseech Thee, to send blessings on Muhammad, Thy servant, Thy Messenger; to let me ask Thee for enlightenment and inspiration so as to be thankful for Thy bounties, which alone get Thy approval ultimately; to help me to obey Thee, and instinctively worship Thee; and make me deserve Thy rewards on account of Thy very kind patronage; and have mercy on me and prevent me from breaking in the bounds of Thy prohibitions, as far as I am kept alive, and show the way unto that which is useful and advantageous till I survive; to let me take to heart the meanings of Thy Book, and, by its reading, throw down the heavy burden of sins, and receive welfare and salvation, as a gift; let not my family and friends, who love me, leave me alone, let Thy favors reach me, in abundance, during the remainder of my life, exactly as they used to be made available for me, in full in the days gone by, 0 the Most Merciful.

0 Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad (saw) wa Aal e Muhammad (asws).

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