English Sermon of Ghadeer

Delivered by Moula Ali (asws) at Ghadeer Khum


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English sermon of ghadeer delivered by Imam Ali (asws) at Ghadeer Khum

A note from Wilayat Mission;

 This is one of the greatest sermons of Ameerul Momineen (asws). What makes this sermon special is that Moula Ali (asws) delivered it on the Day of Ghadeer. Unfortunately, the enemies of Wilayat have tried to remove this sermon from the history. When they found they were unable to do so, they attempted to change the words of this sermon, but you must know that batil (falsehood) will never overcome haq (truth). The original Arabic text was found in a very old transcript. Alhamdulillah it is a great blessing of Masoomeen (asws) that we were chosen to translate this sermon and share it with you. In this sermon, Moula Ali (asws) says that it is wajib (obligatory) upon all to convey this message to others and that no excuse for not doing so will be accepted. May Moula (asws) increase the iman (faith) and marifat (recognition) of all of us. Ameen.


A group of momineen narrate from Abu Muhammad Haroon bin Musa al Talakabri who narrates from Abul Hasan Ali bin Ahmed al Khorasani al Majab who narrates from Saeed bin Haroon Abu Umar al Maroozi who narrates from al Fayyaz bin Muhammad bin Umar al Toosi who narrates on the day of Eidul Ghadeer I went to see Imam Abul Hasan Ali bin Musa al Reza (asws). A group of momineen was present there and Imam (asws) was describing the greatness of the Day of Ghadeer.

Then Imam (asws) said, “I narrate this from My Father who narrates from My Grandfather Imam Jafar Sadiq (asws) who narrates from His Father Imam Muhammad Baqir (asws) who narrates from His Father Imam Zainul Abideen (asws) who narrates from His Father Imam Hussain (asws) who narrates, “On the day of Ghadeer, Ameerul Momineen (asws) ascended the mimbar and delivered this sermon. In this sermon, Ameerul Momineen (asws) praised Allah in a way that only He could do. Then Ameerul Momineen (asws) described the greatness of RasoolAllah (saw) and His Prophet Hood.

Then Ameerul Momineen (asws) described Himself.

All praise is for Allah who is not in need of praise from anyone. He created a path from His Lordship (Rabuiat), Oneness (Tauheed), and Eternalness  and  made  it  as  a  source  of mercy for those who seek His guidance and blessings. True submission is hidden within the inner depths of the meanings of the words and it is that essence that gives the words their meaning and significance. Verily, Allah is the greatest.

 I testify there is no god except Allah who is one and unique. It is a testimony that is wrapped in a great enigma and described by the tongue of truth. Verily, Allah is the one who creates and gives life to the form. He is the bestower of blessings. The names of Allah are the most beautiful and there is no other which is like Him for He is the creator of all things.

 I testify that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger whom Allah chose from the beginning for all of the nations. He is superior over all of the prophets and the entire creation. Allah has chosen Him to convey His commands upon His creation. Allah sent Muhammad (saw) to deliver His commands because Allah cannot be seen nor can He be imagined. There is no other that can be likened unto Him. There is no Lord except Allah who is king of the kings and All Powerful. He attached His Lordship to the prophet hood  of  Muhammad (saw)  and blessed Muhammad (saw) with such blessings that were not bestowed upon any other creation. Allah kept Himself hidden and raised the status of Muhammad (saw) by ordering His creation to send durood upon Muhammad (saw). Allah answers the supplications of the creation through Muhammad (saw). Allah made Him (Muhammad saw) as a mercy upon the creation. Allah bestowed upon Muhammad (saw) an honor that is everlasting and a greatness that has no end.

 Verily, Allah has chosen Us for Himself. Allah blessed Us with greatness that is derived from His greatness and blessed Us with a status that is derived from His status. Allah made Us those who invite the creation towards Him. He made Us as leaders of the guides in every era. We were in existence before the rest of creation came into existence. We were busy praising Allah and through Us Allah introduced His essence. Allah made Us His Hujjat (proof) upon every creation that He created. He gave the power of  speech  to  the  speechless  so  that  they could express their submission to Us.

 Verily, Allah is the creator of the heavens and the earth. He made Us as witness upon the creation and bestowed His Amr (command) upon Us. Allah made Us representatives of His will. Allah bestowed upon Us intercession so that We may intercede for those whom He wills. We convey the orders of Allah to the creation and guide them towards the path of Allah. Allah has not left His creation in the darkness of ignorance. He blessed His creation with aql (intellect). Then Allah showed the creation Our signs and Our greatness, and through Us Allah became known. Allah made Us as the Mazher (manifestation) of His essence so that the creation was able to recognize Allah through Us. He made clear Our status through the intellect in such a way that even the one who denies Our status and brings destruction upon himself knows about Our greatness and the one who has gained Our marifat (recognition) will be given everlasting life and having gained Our marifat he will know and understand why he has been blessed with this everlasting life. Verily, Allah is the All Hearing, All Seeing and All Knowing.

 O’ people! Verily, today is the greatest day. Today Allah has completed His religion. RasoolAllah  (saw)  conveyed  the  command of Allah upon you. Allah has made My Wilayat wajib (obligatory) upon you in order to bring you on the right path and to guide you.  Allah  will bless  you  if  you  follow Me and believe in My Wilayat. Today Allah has called you towards Himself in order to remove all impurities from your iman (faith). This is guidance for the momin (believer) and a proof for the pious. From today the tauheed (oneness) of Allah and the prophet hood of RasoolAllah (saw) will not be accepted  unless  you  testify  to  My  Wilayat nor will the religion of any person be complete without My Wilayat nor will the religion of any person be accepted without My Wilayat.

Remember! Allah has revealed all through His Prophet (saw) on this, the greatest of days. Allah has made clear His will. Allah has bestowed upon those who are sincere and those whom He favors to convey this message to those who are not present here. Allah has taken upon Himself the responsibility of protecting them from the munafiqeen (hypocrites). Through this day, Allah has revealed the doubts that are hidden within the unbelievers. The one who accepts this command of Allah will be honored and tested. The one who denies will have his ignorance increased.

I can see some who are struggling within themselves and who are filled with frustration and some whose thoughts are revealed by their expressions only. Whilst others are loudly exposing their animosity. One group has accepted My Wilayat by their tongue but in their heart is a hidden animosity. They are the same as mushriks (polytheists). One group has accepted this command of Allah (My Wilayat) by their tongues and in their hearts and they are the true momin (believers).

Today Allah has completed His religion and pleased His Prophet (saw) and momineen. You will see the patient have been rewarded this day with the greatest kalima (testimony) of Allah. Allah has destroyed the one who denied My Wilayat the way He destroyed Firoan, Haman, Qaroon, and the armies of the oppressors.

Those  of  low  status  will  remain  astray. Allah does not have any concern for those who ignore the command He has ordered for them today. Allah will chase them and even their existence will be eradicated. He will appoint people to brutally slaughter them  for  they  will  have  changed  the religion  of  Allah  and  His  commands.  Then the Help of Allah will appear to fight against His enemies and Allah is All Knowing.

O’ people! May Allah be merciful upon you. Ponder upon that through which Allah has called you towards Himself today and that which Allah has made as wajib (obligatory) upon you until the Day of Judgment. Follow His path and do not follow a path that is not from Him. Otherwise, you will become lost.

Verily, this is the greatest day. Allah has bestowed His  blessings upon this  day.  This  is the day of clear proofs. This is the day of explanation. This is the day of revealing. This is the day of the completion of the religion. This is the day of the promise of allegiance (which was taken on the day of creation).

This is the day of witness and of the one who is being witnessed to. This is the day of servant and lord. This is the day of promise. This day explains the hypocrisy of hypocrites and reveals the truth of iman (faith). This is the day of the defeat of shaitan. This is the day of absolute proof. This is that Day about which you have been warned. This is the day of that clear command which you are wanting to avoid. This is the day of true guidance. This is the day of blessings. This is the day of proof for those who ask. In this day, the secrets that were hidden within the heart were revealed. This day is a clear command for special people. This is the day of Shees. This is the day of Idrees. This is the day of Yosheh. This is the day of Shamoon. This is the day of peace and one who seeks peace. This is the day of secrets and wonders (Ameerul Momineen (asws) continued to describe, “This is that day and this is that day”)Fear  Allah and  heed  His warnings. Be obedient to Him. Protect yourself from deception. Do not try to deceive Allah. Investigate and search within your  hearts and do not be deceived. Gain the nearness of Allah through His tauheed  (oneness)  and through the obedience of those whom Allah has ordered you to obey.

Do not follow unbelieving women. They have no honor or dignity. Remember a deviant from amongst you will never find success. Do not follow those who have gone astray. Otherwise you will lose the way of Allah because such people have themselves gone astray and will also lead others astray.

Allah in His book condemned a group. On the Day of Judgment one from amongst this group will say, “O our Lord! surely we obeyed our leaders and our great men, so they led us astray from the path; O our Lord! give them a double punishment and curse them with a great curse” (Sura Azhab ayah 67-68).

Then Allah says in His book, “And when they shall contend one with another in the fire, then the weak shall say to those who were arrogant: Surely we were your followers; will you then avert from us a portion of the fire?” (Sura Ghaafir ayah 47) “Then they will say, “If Allah had guided us, we too would have guided you;” (Sura Ibrahim ayah 21)

In this ayah the word “arrogant” is used. Do you know the meaning of “arrogant”? It means when one does not obey those whom Allah has ordered to be obeyed and when one considers himself greater than those whom Allah has ordered obedience to. Such people are mentioned in Quran. If you ponder upon the Quran, it has condemned  those who are arrogant and advises the people to follow those whom Allah has ordered the obedience of.

O’people! Verily, Allah likes those who struggle in His way. Do you know who is the Way of Allah? Do you know who is the Path of Allah? Do you know who is the Guidance of Allah? Do you know who is the Command of Allah? Do you know whose Wilayat is the Wilayat of Allah? Do you know who is the Proof of Allah?

O’people! Listen! I am Siratullah (way of Allah).
I am the Path of Allah.
I am the Distributor of Paradise and Hell.
I am the Guidance of Allah.
I am the Command of Allah (Amr Allah) and Allah will throw into hell those who are not obedient to Me.
My Wilayat is the Wilayat of Allah and has been made wajib (obligatory)  upon  you  today  and  will remain so until the Day of Judgment.
I am the Lord of the Day of Judgment (malik youm al qiyamat)
I am the Noor of all Noors. (Noor al Anwar )
I am the Hand of Allah. (Yadhullah)
I am the Tongue of Allah. (lisanullah)
I am the Ear of Allah. (izznullah)
I am the Eye of Allah. (Ainullah)

The entire creation will stand before Me for accountability.

O’ people! Wake up from the sleep of negligence and hasten to perform good deeds. Gain the forgiveness of your Lord before you reach to such a place where the mercy of Allah resides but is surrounded by the wrath of Allah which prevents you from reaching the  mercy. You  will  weep  but  no one will hear you. You will call out for help but you will not find anyone to help you. Hasten towards worship and obedience before the time finishes and you are unable to gain salvation.

Be kind to your family and your brothers. Be thankful to Allah for those blessings that He bestowed upon you. Do not fight amongst yourselves and Allah will remove your difficulties. Be kind to each other. Allah will connect you with love. Be pleased with the blessings of Allah. Allah has declared today as a great eid for you. On this day you will receive great blessings from Allah. Give help to  your  poor  believing  brother  and perform good deeds continuously. On this day if you spend 1 dirham it will be as if you spent 100,000 dirhams. Allah will bless you immensely. Allah will bless anyone who helps a believing brother on this day with immeasurable rewards. I am the guarantee of Allah that anyone who takes care of his believing brother on this day will be protected  from  kufar  (unbelief)  and poverty. If he dies on this day or in its night, Allah will grant him paradise. I am the guarantee of Allah that anyone who takes a loan to help his believing brother will have his loan repaid and if he dies before repaying the loan, then Allah Himself will repay the loan.

Today when you meet each other, shake hands and express your happiness for the blessings of this day. Remember the greatest blessing of Allah was revealed upon you this day. Anyone who is present here should convey this to those who are not present here as well as to those who have already left this gathering. No excuse for not doing so will be accepted.

Then Ameerul Momineen (asws) having completed His sermon descended the mimbar.

(Khutab al Nadira Ameerul Momineen (asws) and Ahsan ul Balagha alQadeem)

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