English Sermon of Iftikharia

by Moula Ali (asws)

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english sermon of iftikharia (glorification) by Ameerul Momineen Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as) now available on Wilayat Mission

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It is narrated from Asbagh bin Nabata , “Moula Ali (saw) delivered this sermon in Kufa”


Moula Ali (asws) said:

 “I am the brother of RasoolAllah (saw ) and the inheritor of His knowledge, the treasurer of His wisdom, and the one who shares in His secrets. There is not a single word which Allah has revealed in His books that He did not bestow the knowledge of upon Me. Allah has entrusted unto Me all of the knowledge regarding every happening from the beginning of creation until the Day of Judgment. And unto Me Allah has given a thousand keys of knowledge and from each key a thousand doors of knowledge is opened. The knowledge of the destinies of all things has been given unto Me.

Verily! This process of knowledge shall conti nue in My Successors after Me for as long as the day follows the night and the night follows the day and until all of creation is returned back to Allah. Verily! Allah is the Best of Inheritors. I have been blessed with the title of Sirat (true path), Mizan (scale), Lawa (flag), and Kausar. I am the one who will bring the children of Adam to accountability on the Day of Judgment and I am the one who will bestow upon them that which they have earned.

Verily! I am the one who will punish the people of hell.

Verily! These are all the blessings bestowed upon Me from My Lord. Anyone who denies that I shall re turn back upon the earth over and over or denies that I shall reappear after Rajat has de nied Us. And anyone who denies Us has de nied Allah. And I am the one who summoned you. I am the Lord of your prayers and supplications.

I am the Lord of retribution.

I am the Owner of the Proofs of the Essence of Allah.

I am the Lord of the wondrous Signs of Allah.

I have knowledge of all of the mysteries of creation.

I am the destroyer of the enemies of Allah.

I am the one who commands the Angels.

I am the one who took the oath of allegiance from your so uls on the day of creation and I am the one who on that day asked by the will of Allah, the Self Subsisting “Am I not your Lord”? (Alast bay rabbekum)

I am the word of Allah (Kalimatullah) amongst His creation.

I am the one who took the promise of prayer (salat) from all of the creation.

I am the caretaker of widows and orphans.

I am the door to the city of knowledge, and I am the source of patience.

I am the pillar of Allah.

I am the standard bearer of Lawa Hamd (flag which will be raised on the day of Judgment).

I am the bestower of unlimited bounties and grace of Allah. If I were to inform you of all that I am, you would undoubtedly disbelieve Me. For I am also the one who slays the oppressors.

I am the depository of all divine blessings in this world and in the hereafter.

I am the master of Momineen, the one who guides those in search of the true path.

I am the absolute haq and Imam of Muttaqeen (pious).

I am the first to recognize the religion and I am the strong rope which shall never be separated from Allah.

I am the one who will bestow justice upon this world by My sword the way it had previously been filled with oppression.

I am the Lord of Jibrael (as), and I am the one who orders Mikael (as).

I am the tree of guidance and the essence of piety.

I am the one who gathers the whole of creation towards Allah thro ugh that kalima (word) which is the cause of the gathering of the creation.

I am the one who has been given the Luminous Pen and the Crimson Camel (during the time of Rajat it shall appear with the army of Yemen).

I am the gate of yaqeen (certainty), Ameerul Momineen, and Master of Khizr (as).

I am the Lord of Yadh Bayza.

I am the slayer of the enemies of Allah in every era. I have always been in existence.

I am the Siddiq e Akbar (Most Trustworthy).

I am the Farooq e Az m (Greatest Honor).

I speak with divine inspiration.

I am the governor of the stars. Through the command and knowledge of Allah I establish the orbits of the stars and constellations. In My hand are the saffron and crimson colored flags.

I am that unseen whose unveiling is being awaited for a great purpose.

I am the bestower and withholder of blessings. No one can praise Me except Myself.

I am the protector of the religion of My Lord.

I am the supporter and companion of My Cousin (RasoolAllah saw). I am the one who laid Him to rest.

I am Wali of Allah.

I am the Lord of Khizr (as) and Haroon (as).

I am the Lord of Musa (as) and Yusha bin Nun.

I am the Lord of Jannah.

I am the one who causes the rain to fall, the earth to tremble, and the sun and moon to be eclipsed.

I am the one who shall slay the kufar (disbelievers).

I am the Imam of the Righteous.

I am Bait ul Mamoor (highest point in the skies where the Throne i s located).

I am Saqaf Marfooh .

I am Baher e Masjood (unfathomable ocean).

I am the hidden meanings of worship.

I am the one who is the helper for all of humanity.

I am the one who holds the hidden knowledge of Allah. Is there anyone with knowledge other than Me? If it was not for the word of Allah and RasoolAllah (saw), then I would have slain you with My sword and destroyed all of you.

I am the meanings of Ramadan and the secret of Shab e Qadr (Night of Power).

I am the one who possesses the Book.

I am the separator of truth from falsehood.

I am Sura Al Hamd. I am the purpose of prayer itself whether one is at home or traveling. I am the purpose of praying and fasting throughout the sacred month s of the year.

I am the Lord of Resurrection and Judgment, the one who removes the burden which lies heavy on the ummah of Muhammad (saw).

I am that Gate which all who worship Allah must pass through.

I am the worshipper and am the one who is worshipped.

I am both the witness and the one who is witnessed to.

I am the one who possesses the treasures of jannah.

I am the one who is remembered throughout the heavens and upon the earth.

I was the traveling companion of RasoolAllah (saw) unto the heavens.

I am the Sacred Book and Arc.

I am the friend of Shees bin Adam.

I am the helper of Musa (as) and Adam (as).

I am the source of all metaphors and analogies.

I am the rain from the heavens which causes every blade of green to grow.

I am the hope for the dejected.

Be wary of My status! W ho is there which is likened unto Me?

I am the Ruler of the Tides.

I am the one who speaks to the sun. I

am the one who sends the wrath of Allah upon His enemies.

I am the sanctuary for all of those who obey Allah.

Verily Allah is My Lord and there is no other Allah.

Verily falsehood is but an illusion while haq (truth) is everlasting.

Verily I shall soon leave this world.

Be wary! Be watchful against the tests and trials caused by the Ummayyads. And after their passing the kingdom will revert to the Abbasids who will bring forth both happiness and sorrows upon mankind. And they shall erect a city called Baghdad which shall lie between the Tigris and Euphrates. Anyone who shall make his abode there will be accursed. The oppressors from amongst My people shall arise from them and they shall bui ld palaces for themselves and courts and shrines. They shall seek supremacy through trickery and blasphemy.  From the descendants of Bani Abbas two kings shall arise and from their hands the earth will become filled with tyranny, injustice, and oppression. After this has passed the Qaim (ajf) shall reappear upon the earth. Then I shall show My Face (Rajat) from amongst man and it shall be as radiant as the moon and shining as the stars.

Be aware there are ten signs associated with My coming.

The first sign shall be an invading army which shall march in the bazaars of Kufa.

The second sign is the abandoning of prayer in the mosques.

The third sign is abandoning of the observance of Hajj.

The fourth sign shall be the swallowing of the city of Khorasan by the earth, the gathering of constellations, and the appearance of comets in the sky. There shall be chaos, confusion, massacres, pillage, and robbery throughout the world. After the passing of all of these signs, verily the Qaim (ajf) Himself shall reappear with haq (truth).

O’people! Do not associate human characteristics with Allah (Do not say Allah is like this or like that). For every comparison of Him is false. Whosoever attempts to limit the Creator by description or comparison has verily disbelieved in His book, which was written by Allah Himself.

 Then Moula (saw) said, “How great are the blessings bestowed upon those who love Me and upon those who sacrifice their lives in My way and who become exiled because of Me. They truly are those who are the trustees of the knowledge of Allah upo n this earth. They shall be free from the terrors of the Day of Judgment. I am the Noor of Allah which can never be extinguished. I am that secret of Allah which cannot be concealed.”

 (Mashariqul Anw ar , Kokab Durri, Najul Israr First Edition page no 128-134)

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