English Sermon of Kufa by Syeda Zainab (sa)

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Islamic English sermon of Syeda Zainab (sa) delivered in Kufa

 “O people  of Kufah!  O you  deceivers!  O you  who  break your  pledges  and retreated back! You traitors!  May your  cries  never end and your  tears never diminish.  You are like  the woman  who painstakingly and with great labor twines a strong rope, and then herself unwinds it, thereby wasting her effort and energy. Your false pledges contain no element of truth  and sincerity. Your tactic has become flattering the maids and nodding your heads in agreement to the enemies.

 Beware, for you have sponsored a very wrongful act for which Allah is totally displeased with you. Without doubt, His wrath shall soon descend upon you.

 Are you now crying? Yes, by Allah you must weep because you deserve the tears. Cry immensely and laugh less, for you are contaminated with such shame and disgrace, that you will never be able to wash it off.

 How  could you exonerate yourself from crime of slaying the son of the Last Prophet Muhammad (saw)? Was he not the master of the youths in Heaven? Was he not the one who you would go to him whenever you had tribal fights and disagreements? Was he not your best choice to solve your own problems and worries?

 What bad have you brought upon yourselves, and what heavy burden are you carrying: annihilation, downfall! Efforts were lost, and hands ceased from work causing for business and capital to be lost. You placed yourself in the anger of Allah and you manifested yourselves in greed and begging.

 O the people of Kufah! Woe be upon you! Do you know which part of RasoolAllah (saw) that you have cut? And which vow you have broken? And whose blood you have shed? And which respected family you have brought to the public as captives? And whose sanctity you have violated? You have done that, which could tear down the skies, open the earth, and make the mountains vanish. As far as the earth goes and as deep as the skies  go, your  obvious deed has no like,  no similarity  and no decency. Indeed you have done the ugliest, the most grievous and gruesome deed.

 Will you be surprised if the sky rains blood? Remember! The punishment of the Day of Judgment which will be much more severe and much harsher! That is because no one has the power of Allah.”

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