English Sermon of Tutunjiyya (The Two Gulfs)

delivered by Ameerul Momineen Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as)

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English Sermon of Tutunjiyya delivered by Moula Ali (asws) now available on Wilayat Mission

 Tutunjiya (two gulfs)is a reference to the saying of Moula Ali (asws) “I am the One that stands upon the Two Gulfs”. These two gulfs are Prophet hood and Wilayat. Moula Ali (asws) delivered this sermon between Kufa and Medina. Moula Ali (asws) said:

 All praise be to Allah who divided the heavens and established the atmosphere and laid out the immense universe and caused the Luminance to shine and gave life to the dead and caused the living to die. I praise Him with such a shining and elevated praise, a praise that is luminescent and ascends to the highest reaches of the heavens. He created the heavens without pillars and set them up right without any supports. Then He beautified the heavens with radiant planets and caused the dark clouds to be trapped within their spheres. He created the ever flowing oceans and caused the mountains to rise. When He unleashed their waters, their mighty waves were massive. I give praise unto Him and to Him all praise is due. I testify there is no god but Him and I bear witness that Muhammad (saw) is His servant and His Messenger and He was chosen by Allah as the best from amongst the creation. Allah sent Him unto the Arabs and appointed Him to guide others for He Himself was rightly guided. He was indeed wonderous. Muhammad (saw) presented proof before the people and the muslims gained guidance through Him. Allah established His religion through Him, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him and His Holy Family.

 O’people! Turn repentantly towards Me and hold fast to your pledge of allegiance with Me, remain steadfast in your faith with absolute certainty. Hold fast to the Successor of the Prophet in whom lies your salvation and whose love is your refuge on the day of judgment. I am hope and I am the one to be hoped for.

 I am the one that stands upon Two Gulfs!

 I am the one that looks upon the east and the west. I have seen the glories of the heavens with My own eyes while the seventh heaven was moving in its orbit and within it were the stars and their orbits. I saw the earth folded like a small cloth lying within its foundations on the right side facing the east and the Twin Gulfs. On the left of the Two Gulfs lies a vast expanse of water. I saw the circle that was surrounding all of this and the heavens keeping all that there was within was like nothing more than a ring upon the finger of thy Lord. I saw the sun as it was setting and it was like a bird that is searching for its nest. If it were not for the Lord of Paradise and the Two Gulfs, then all that is in the heavens and the earth would hear its tumultuous descent into the Black Water that is known as the Warm Fountain. I know the secrets of Allah that no one knows except Allah Himself. I know all that was and all that will be even with those who preceded the First Adam (as). I knew for all things were revealed unto Me. Therefore, hasten and do not cause an uproar. If I knew you would not say, “Ali (asws) has gone astray and left His Iman”, then I would inform you of all of the happenings regarding the day of judgment. I am the trustee of all of the knowledge which has been hidden from all of the prophets except for the Lord of this Sharia (Muhammad saw). He taught Me His knowledge and I taught Him My knowledge. Verily, We are the warners of old and shall continue to be the everlasting warners from Allah.

 All those who will be destroyed will be destroyed through Us and all those who will receive salvation will do so through Us. You will never be able to comprehend Our station. I swear by the righteous of the One whose authority causes the seed to grow and breathes the spirit of life into all things, by Him who alone is glorious and all mighty. The world and all of its temptations were lain before Me. Yet I turned away from it. Then how is it that I shall be overcome by such events?

 I know all that is above the highest reaches of jannah and all that which is below the lowest depths of the seventh ocean and all that is between them. I came into being while having possession of this knowledge. I did not have to acquire it.  I swear by the Lord of the Tremendous Throne, if I desired I could inform you as to where all of your forefathers were and from whom they descend and where they are now and how it was they came to be in their place! How many of you are devouring the property of your brother and drinking the fountainhead of your father while at the same time wishing to be with them! If you only knew! When all that is hidden becomes known and all that which is hidden in the chests of men is revealed, I swear by Allah, you will have already been returned to clay and you will have already been given your just favours. How many signs were there for you from those who had died and those who were slain. I know all that is hidden within all of the creation. Mankind is between those who have departed and those that are being encouraged on. If I were to show you all that has been revealed unto Me from times of old until the end of time that has no end, then you would be amazed by many a wondrous event.

 I am the Lord of the First Creation before the First Nuh (as). If you could comprehend, then I would tell you of all that was between Adam (as) and Nuh (as) and of all the nations I brought about and all of those nations I caused to be destroyed.

I am the Lord of the First and Second Floods.

I am the Lord of the Deluge of Iram.

I am the Lord of Secrets.

I am the Lord of Ad and its gardens.

I am the Lord of Thamud and its wondrous signs.

I am also the one who destroyed Thamud.

I am the one that caused the earth to quake.

I am the creator of those civilizations and their destroyer.

I am the cause of their end and the cause of their beginning.

I am the first and the last.

I am the Zahir (apparent) and the Batin (hidden).

I am the beginning of all beginnings.

I was with the Pen before the Pen.

I was with the Tablet before it was revealed.

I am the Lord of the First Creation.

I am the Lord of Jabulqa and Jabulsa.

I am the Lord of Rafraf and Bahram.

I am the one who established the creation before the existence of the heaven and the earth as you comprehend them to be.

 The son of Suwairama said, “Are You that One?”

Ameerul Momineen (asws) replied, “I am that One”

There is no god but Allah who is My Lord and the Lord of the entire creation. He established the creation according to His wisdom and through His amr (command) raised the heavens and the earth. I am aware of those amongst you with weak iman who are saying: “Is this not the son of Abu Talib (as) whom just yesterday was overcome by the people of Syria and He sent Muhammad and Ibrahim to fight them?” Rest assured I shall fight on numerous occasions and I shall be victorious every time. I will fight their armies at Siffeen and I will give sustenance to the believers until justice is fulfilled. I will fight for Ammar (ra), Yassir (ra), and Owais e Qarani (ra). None shall say, “How, when or with whose support?”

 We have been given the knowledge of all destinies and of all tribulations. We possess the knowledge of interpretation, revelation, and Fazl al Khitab (blessed speech) as well as knowledge of all future adversities and afflictions. There is nothing in the entire creation that We do not possess the knowledge of in its minutest details. This is the absolute truth.

 Moula Ali (asws) pointed towards Imam Hussain (asws) and said, “I will see Him when His noor departs from this world. I will be present with Him when the earth trembles and quakes. Those that claim to be believers will abandon Him. I swear by Allah, if I so desired, I could tell you each one of their names as well as their lineage from both parents from their beginning until the day of judgment.

 Then Moula Ali (asws) said,

 “O’Jabir! You are with Haq and you will be with Haq in the hereafter and it is on haq that you will die.

 O’Jabir! When the trumpet will ring loudly and the bewilderment encompasses man, on that day many a wondrous event will occur. The fire will ignited. The banner of the house of uthman (la) will appear in the Black Valley. Basra will be plagued by doubts. They will attempt to overthrow one and another. The armies of Khurasan begin to depart and Shoaib, the son of Salih of Tamim will be followed in Taliqan. Saeed of Shusha will be followed in Khuzistan and the banner of the Kurds will be raised by the Amalekites. The Arabs will seek victory over Armenia and the Slavs. Heraclitus will submit to the elders of Sinan in Constantinople. After all of this has passed, you should anxiously await the revelation of the speaker of Mt Sinai. All of this shall pass with clear signs, easily seen by all. However, there are many a wondrous sign I have not mentioned and many explanations I have not disclosed for there is none amongst you that is able to bear them.

 I am the one who ordered Iblees (la) to perform sajda to Adam (as). I am the one who raised Idris to the heavens. I am the one through whom Isa (as) spoke from the cradle when He was still an infant. I am the one who caused the flattening of the valleys. I am the one who organized the Earth in its proper places. I am the one who divided it into its five parts, land sea, mountains, inhabited, and uninhabited. I am the one who separated the Red Sea from Tarjim and Aqim from the Red Sea. I am Tirathia, Janbutha, Barhilion, and Aliuthoutha. I am the one who brings forth from the oceans that which inhabits them.

 Then Moula Ali (asws) gave Ammar bin Yassir 12,000 men whom were believers and followers of Allah and His Messenger, and each had 12,000 armies of angels to support them saying “Rejoice for you are the best of believers and after this there shall be a star through whom all things shall come to pass. The secrets and mysteries will become clear to you when Bahram and Keyvan rise together and become as One. When the trembling and quaking of the earth shall follow each other at rapid pace and the banners will be lifted up from the shores of Oxus to the desert of Babylon. Then you will come to know;

 I am the one that caused the wind to blow. I am the remover of all difficulties. I am the Lord of Mt Sinai. I am that Noor. I am that blinding noor that was shone to Musa (as) and all was given unto Me by Allah, the Lord of Glory. I am the Lord of paradise. I am the one that causes the rivers to flow from the divine currents of milk and honey.

 I am the one that caused the fires of hell to blaze and established its many levels. First the hell of Saeer. Then the hell of Saqar and lastly the lowest parts of hell that have been made for the transgressors. All of these are maintained in the Valley of Solitude. Again I swear by the Lord who brings for the dawn, the Lord of all creation, within this valley lies both Jibt and Taghut along with their servants and whosoever denies the Lord of this world and the hereafter.

 I am the creator and sustainer of all of the expanses of this world by the command of the one who is all knowing and all wise. I am the Word through which all things come into being and through which the universes are lain in their orbits. I am the one who made the domains of the earth to be four and the islands to be seven; the domain of the South is the receiver of all glory, the domain of the North is to be the authority and dominion, the domain of Sheba is to be the center of earthquakes and the Desert domain is to be the center of many afflictions. Woe be to those who will come attempting to destroy and distort justice. Woe will be when afflictions rise from that government of eunuchs, ignorant, and effeminate rulers. On that day, many a liar shall come forth bring a claim of falsehood. On that day, wait anxiously for your arc of salvation. On that day Allah will make the dirt of Najaf into treasures of gold that shall be strewn wherever the believer shall set his foot and with that same dust of gold, the kafirs and munafiqs (hypocrites) will be exposed. Then the valley of bright red rubies, pearls, and emeralds be looked upon as worthless. This will be a a clear sign and when it occurs the noor of Allah will shine forth and His Glory will become manifest. All that you desire and all that is hidden within you will become known.

 O’you whose desires are like that of the cattle and beasts of the fields! What will be your status when the banners of the sons of Kenan and those of uthman (la) fall upon you in the battlefield? Know without doubt these events will never be known by one related to umayya (la) or ady (la).

 Then Moula Ali (asws) wept and then said, “O’Alas for the nations! Soon some munafiqs (hypocrites) will say that “Ali (asws) has claimed the godhead for Himself” but you are witness that “Ali (asws) is truly a created being, a servant, nourished of divine sustenance and whoever denies this shall be accursed by Allah”.

 Moula Ali (asws) then descended the mimbar and said, “I seek refuge with Him who created the heavens and the earth. I seek protection through Him who possesses all Authority and Glory. O’people! No one will say these words but when trials and tribulations fall upon man it is that same Allah who will cause them to be removed through this prayer.”

 Jabir said, “Only those words?”

 Moula Ali (asws) spoke 13 more words and then left.

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