English Sermon without Dots

delivered by Ameerul Momineen Ali (asws) ibn Abi Talib (as)

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English Sermon without Dots delivered by Imam Ali (asws) now available on Wilayat Mission

All praise be to Allah: the praised King, the affectionate Owner, the Fashioner of all who are born, the Recourse for every downtrodden, the Outstretcher of lands, the Establisher of firm mountains, the Sender of rain, the Alleviator of difficulties, the Knower and Perceiver of secrets, the Destroyer of kingdoms and Perisher of possessions, the Renewer of eras and their Repetitor, the Source of all things and their Destination. Widespread is His generosity and sufficient are the layered clouds and the supply of rain. He responds to the one who asks or hopes, giving wide and with abundance. I praise  Him endlessly. I consider  Him one as He is considered one by those who turn to Him.

Lo ! He is Allah, there is no god for the nations except Him. No one can distort what He set upright and established. He sent Muhammad (saw) as the standard-bearer of submission (Islam), the leader for the rulers and preventer of their oppression, The crippler of the authorities of Wudd and Sawa` (two idols). He informed and educated, appointed and perfected. He founded the fundamentals and eased them in. He emphasized  the appointed  promise  (Day of Judgment)  and forewarned.  Allah  has linked him with honor and granted his soul the peace, and may Allah have mercy on his progeny and his venerated family (asws); as long as the guiding stars shine, the crescent continues to rise, and the chant of the oneness (La ilaha illa Allah) is made to be heard.

May Allah protect ye! Work towards the best of deeds. So tread the path seeking the lawful, and give up the forbidden and abandon it. Listen to the command of Allah and be aware of it. Maintain the ties with relations and nurture them. Disobey desires and repel them. Bond as kins with the righteous and pious, and discontinue the company of amusement and greed. Your groom is the most impeccable of free men by birth, most generous and honorable  with glories,  and of the sweetest of descent. Here he came to you, took your kin with permission, in marriage, the gracious bride. Offered a dowry, just as the Messenger of Allah did to Umm Salamah. Certainly, he [s] was the most gracious son-in-law. Kind to his progeny. He gave them in marriage to whom he wanted. He was neither confused in his choice of wife nor had an oversight.

I ask Allah, on your behalf, for the lasting graciousness of His connection. And the continuation of His pleasures, and that He may inspire all: the reform of their own condition, and the preparation for their individual destiny and the hereafter. Gratitude is for Him forever and the praise for His Messenger Ahmad [s].

 (Saluni qabl an tafqiduni, vol. 2, pp. 442-3., al-Qatarah min bihar manaqib Aal-Nabi wa al-‘Jtrah, vol. 2, p.179, Fada’il Aal al-Rasul, p. 6)

 Note from Wilayat Mission: The Arabic text is included so that you can see for yourself that it is composed without a single dot so that inshaAllah you may begin to understand the true depths of the knowledge and eloquence of Ameerul Momineen (asws) 

Arabic sermon without dots delivered by Imam Ali (asws) now available on Wilayat Mission

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