English Translation for the Dua of Friday

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I Praise be to Allah, the Foremost First Ever-Existing infinitely a priory to creation and life; the ultimate Ever-lasting, eternally beyond nothingness and death of all things,  the Aware Who is never unaware of the plight of him who keeps Him in remembrance, nor leaves him who thanks Him,  in the lurch, nor disappoints him who makes a request to Him, nor cuts off the hope of fulfillment from him who asks for a favor.

O my Allah, I ask Thee to give evidence, and Thy evidence is final, I call on all Thy Angels,  the dwellers of the skies, the bearers of Thy “Arsh”, Thy Prophets and Messengers sent out for conveying Thy message, and all forms of life Thou has created,   to give testimony to my witness that Thou art Allah, there is no god save Thou, One; has no associate, does not hesitate or pause, nor break Thy word to fulfill a promise, nor has to do one thing instead of the other;

that Muhammad (blessings of Allah and peace be on Him and on His Progeny) is Thy Servant and Messenger,  to tell the people again and again that which Thou made him know, learn and refer to, and he struggled against all difficulties to strive in the way of the High and Mighty Allah, fulfilled his duty and got better of the enemies;

indeed brought the good news through which reward had been made clear as a right, and called attention to the consequences whereby punishment become due as a sure penalty.

O my Allah, So far I am alive keep me on the Right Path of Thy Religion, do not let change of heart make me go astray after Thou has guided me aright, and give me as a gift a share from Thy gentle mercy. Certainly Thou makes many presents.

Send blessings on Muhammad (saw) and on the Family of Muhammad (asws),  make me follow them and love them wholeheartedly, raise me for the last judgment along with their family,  let me be in harmony with the fulfillment of Friday duties; and carry out obediently which has been made obligatory for me, on this day,  and share the rewards to be bestowed on the deserving people who had fulfilled its duties on the Day of requital. Verily Thou art Mighty and Wise.

O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammad (saw) and the Family of Muhammad (asws)

Ref: Mafatih al Jinaan