English Translation of Dua on Eve of Arafah by Wilayat Mission Publications

English Translation for the Dua of Eve of Arafah

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Recite this dua on the night before the day of Arafah and on Friday eve (Thursday night) as it has been narrated Allah will forgive the one who does so. The following is the dua;  

0 my Allah! 0 He who sees clearly through what hearts and minds desire secretly, makes good and settles all complaints, knows full well the ins and outs of whatever is kept concealed, the ultimate fulfillment of all desires! 0 He who is the prime source of happiness for the believing servants! 0 He who deals with gently and grants favours! 0 He who overlooks with subtle finesse! 0 He who gives without conditions!

0 He who is not unaware of the covering darkness of nights, the roaring clamour of the seas, the supporting columns of the skies, the locked, shut up hindrance of injustice! 0 He for whom whatever is in darkness is as visible as in light!

I beseech Thee by the Noor of Your Face, the Generous, that shone upon the mountain, by leveling it to the ground, the flash of which made Musa prostrate himself in adoration;

And by Your name that suspended the skies without supporting pillars, and spread the earth on the stable surface of the water;

And by Your pure name written clearly, kept well guarded and treasured, which brings results whenever invoked, grants favors whenever a request is made;

And by Your Holy, Sacred and Decisive name which is superior over all other Noors and is the Noor from the Noor, a Noor that brights all other noors, the earth got split when came into contact with it, the heavens made an opening when it reached there, and when it came near the Arsh (Throne), the Arsh shook;

And by Your name which makes Thy Angels change to and fro with ease their movement. I beseech Thee for the sake of Jibrael (as), MIkael (as), and Israfeel (as).

And for the sake of Muhammad AI Mustafaa, blessings of Allah be on Him and on His Progeny (asws), and on all the Prophets and on all of the Angels;

And by the name which Khizr (as) recited to walk over the water as he used to walk on the hard level ground;

And by Your name which divided the sea and laid open a track of land for Musa but drowned Firawn and his follwers, and delivered safely to the shore Musa, son of Imran, together with those who were with him;

And by Your name which summoned Musa son of Imran to come to the blessed Toor, and gave answer to his request,and filled him with Your love;

And by Your name which Isa son of Mariam (sa) used for bringing the dead to life, through which the infant Isa (as) spoke from the cradle , and through which he later cured those who were born blind and the lepers;

And by Your name which is recited by the bearers of Your Arsh (Throne), and Jibrael (as), and Mikael (as) and Israfeel (as) and Your beloved, Muhammad  blessings of Allah be on Him and on His Progeny (asws)

And Your close Angels, the Prophets appointed by Thee, and Your chosen righteous servants from amongst the inhabitants of the heavens and the earths;

And by Your name which Zunoon  (Yunus) recited to invoke Thee; when he went off in anger and deemed that WE had no power over him

And he cried out in the darkness, saying: “There is no god except You”

Be Thou glorified! Verily, I have been a wrongdoer.” Then You heard his prayer and saved him from the anguish. Thus Thou save the momineen (believers).

By Your Greatest Name which Dawood recited and prostrated himself in adoration, so You forgave him;

By Your name which Asiya wife of Firoan recited when she said: “My Lord! Build for me a home with Thee in the Paradise,” and deliver me from Firoan and his work, and deliver me from the wrongdoers;” then Thou heard her prayer;

And by Your name which Ayoob (Job) recited when he was surrounded by calamities and You removed that adversity from which he suffered, and You restored to him his household that he had lost and those who were like them, a mercy from You and a remembrance for the worshippers;

And by Your name that gave back sight to Yaqoob and also brought together him and the apple of his eyes, Yusuf;

And by Your name that bestowed on Sulaiman a Kingdom, such as did not belong to any after him, verily Thou art the Bestower;

And by Your name which called “Buraaq” for Muhammad  blessings of Allah be upon Him and

His Progeny (asws) (upon which RasoolAllah (saw)ascended to heavens on the night of Miraj) when the Praiseworthy (Allah) said: “Glorified be He who carried His servant by night from the

Masjid al Haram to Masjid al Aqsa” and He (RasoolAllah saw) said: “Glorified  be He Who has called them for Us, and brought them together for Us, and verily, unto our Lord we must return”; And by Your name with which Jibrael (as) was commissioned to call upon Muhammad, blessings of Allah be on Him and on His Progeny (asws);

And by Your name which Adam recited to seek Your forgiveness, and allowed him to stay in Your Paradise.

I beseech Thee for the sake of Quran al Azeem, for the sake of Muhammad (saw), the Seal of all Prophets and for the sake of Ibrahim (as),

And for the sake of Your just decisions on the day of judgement, for the sake of the Scales (mizan) that will be set up, and the books of account that shall be laid bare,

And for the sake of Qalam (Pen) and what occurred and Lawh (Tablet) and the calculation

And for the sake of the name which You wrote on the sides of the Arsh (Throne) two thousand years before You created the creation, the earth, the sun, and the moon.

I testify that there is no god except Allah, who is alone without any partners; and that Muhammad (saw) is His Servant and Messenger.

I beseech Thee by Your name that is a treasure from amongst Your treasury and its inner most depths is known only by You

Not seen by any from amongst Your creation nor the closest angels nor the appointed prophets nor the chosen servants

I beseech Thee by Your name that separated the oceans, hoisted the mountains, made day and night follow each other, for the sake of “the seven oft revealed verses”, and Quranul Azeem, and for the sake of the Kiramul Kitabeen-(the Angels who write down our deeds), for the sake of “Taha”, “Yaa Seen”, “Kaf-Ha-Yaa-Ayyn Saad”, “Ha-Meem-Ayyn Seen-Qaaf”, and for the sake of the Taurah, given to Musa (as);

And the Injeel, given to Isa (as) and the Zuboor, given to Dawood (as); and the Holy Quran, given to Muhammad, Allah’s blessings be on Him and on His Progeny (asws) and on all the Messengers and “I am I” which Allah had said to Musa.

0 my Allah! I beseech Thee, for the sake of the closeness that was between You and Musa son of Imran on the mountain of “Toor Seenaa” (Mt Sinai).

I beseech Thee by Your name which informs Malik ul Mowt (angel of death) when it is time to remove the souls

I beseech Thee by Your name, written on the leaf of an olive tree, the leaf which calmed down the flames of the fire, when Thou said: “Be comfort and peace for Ibrahim.” (Sura Anbiya ayah 69}

I beseech Thee by Your name which You wrote on the canopy, “Most Glorified and Most Generous”.

0 He who is not troubled by those who ask and is not diminished by those who attain their desire!. 0 He Who is besought; and unto Him turn all in refuge.

I beseech Thee by the glory of Your Arsh (Throne) and the endless mercy from Your Book

And by Your Ismi Azam (greatest name of Allah) and Your Kalimat (words) Most Perfect Most High

0 my Allah! Lord of the winds, and of that which they scatter and the skies, and of that which they cover, and the earth, and of that which springs forth from it and of the shaitan, and of that which they cause to go astray and of the oceans and rivers, and of that which they cause to flow and for the sake of every truth (haq) for You are the owner of haq (truth)

And for the sake of Thy closest Angels, souls resting in peace, and those who recite Your praise and glory day and night and never grow tired; for the sake of Ibrahim, Your close friend, and for the sake of all Thy loving devotees who call upon Thee between Safa and Marwa, and Thou gives answer to their prayers. 0 the fulfiller of prayers!

I beseech Thee  for the sake of all of these names and all of these duas show forgivness upon us for that which we have done and that which we shall do that which we did secretly, and that which we did openly, and that which we conveyed,  and that which we concealed. For Thou are more knowledgeable than our own selves of all that we do

Verily You are powerful over all things by Your Mercy, 0 the most Merciful.

0 He Who protects every wayfarer ! 0 He Who gives company to the forsaken! 0 He Who strengthens the weak

0 He Who aids the oppressed! 0 He Who provides rizq (sustenance) to the deprived! 0 He Who befriends the lonely !

0 companion of the traveller! 0 helper of the inhabitants! 0 forgiver of guilt and sins!

0 aider of the distressed! 0 assister of the anguished! 0 remover of sorrow and distress! 0 comforter of the worried and anxious!

0 creator of the heavens and the earths! 0 the destination of the seekers! 0 Answerer of those who cry out in desperation!

0 the Most Merciful! 0 the Lord of the worlds! 0 the Recompenser of the Day of Judgement!

0 the Most Generous! 0 the Most Kind! 0 the Best Hearer! 0 the Best Seer! 0 the Most Powerful!

Forgive me my sins that sever me from Your blessings. Forgive me my sins that bring about remorse

Forgive me my sins that bring upon sorrow. Forgive me my sins that destroy righteousness.

Forgive me my sins that invalidate prayers. Forgive me my sins that stops the flow of mercy from the heavens

Forgive me my sins that hasten pettiness and worthlessness. Forgive me my sins that bring misery and distress.

Forgive me my sins that bring disorder and chaos. Forgive me my sins that are exposed.

Forgive me my sins that no one can forgive except for Thee.

0 Allah! Remove from my back the burden of sins committed against anyone from amongst Your creation; and make haste in my affairs, and fill my way with ease; fill me with yaqeen (certainty) about You, and put Your hope in my heart so that I hope from no one except You.

My Allah protect me, keep me safe in my station, be my constant companion in darkness and light, in the hour of comfort, in hardships, in success, in misfortune, in gain, in loss, make my way easy, provide me with the best course, do not forsake me when I am in distress or difficulty guide me 0 the Best Guide, do not leave matters for my discretion, let me be pleased with all things, make me close with my relations, happy and successful in this quickly passing life ; leaving matters with You for You are powerful over all things.

Provide me my rizq (sustenance) from You, and make all of Your good sustenance available for me

Employ me in Your obedience, keep me safe from Your fire and Your wrath, and when I die be merciful and guide my way to Your Paradise.

0 my Allah, in Thee do I seek refuge from the loss of Your blessings, from the cessation of my wellbeing, from the torment that may come upon me, from Your wrath that descends upon us, from the distressing misfortunes, from unending calamities, from violent and painful death, from the pride and joy of the enemies, from the evil that comes down from the skies, from the evil mentioned in the revealed Book.

0 my Allah! Do not make me be among the evildoers, nor be among the dwellers of Hell, do not keep me from being amongst the company of the good; make me live a clear and honest life, and die a tranquil death, and raise me with the pious let me keep company with the Prophets, in the abode of good repute, near the All Powerful

0 my Allah! All praise is for Thee alone, for Thy just judgement. All praise is for Thee alone for Islam, and for making all to follow the sunnah (traditions)

0 Lord, guide us and teach us just as You had guided them to Your religion, and taught them Your Book.

All praise is for Thee alone, for Thy just judgement, especially upon me just as Thou created me, a blessed creation! and taught me, a glorious teaching! and guided me, a complete guidance!.

All praise is for Thee alone for Thy blessings bestowed upon me, before and now. How many sufferings, 0 my Master, Thou has dispersed!

How many sorrows, 0 my Master, Thou has silenced! How many hardships, 0 my Master, Thou has caused to flee!

How many disasters, 0 my Master, Thou has removed! How many defects, 0 my Master, Thou has covered!

So all praise is for Thee alone, under all circumstances, in every place, at all times, in chaos, and in order, in the present moment and at all occasions.

0 Allah bless me from a portion of the blessings bestowed this day upon Your deserving servants

or from the evil sent away from them, or the disaster warded off from them, or the good that is encouraged towards them, or the mercy dispersed, or abundant prosperity,

 Verily, You are powerful over all things. In Thy hands are the treasures of the heavens and the earth.

Thou art 0ne, the Kindest Giver who does not reject the supplicant, nor disappoints the expectant, nor there is any defect in what comes from Him for that which comes from Him is unending, given freely out of generosity and favor

Give me from Thy treasures that which never get exhausted on account of Thy merciful love and kindness; that which is granted by You is abundant and without limits

You are powerful over all things through Thy mercy, 0 the Most Merciful.