English Translation of Ziarat for Saturday
as narrated by RasoolAllah (saw)

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I testify that there is no god save Allah; He is One; there is no partner with Him.

I  testify  that  You  are  His  Messenger,  and  You  are  Muhammad  (saw)  son  of  Abdullah;  and  I testify that You had delivered  the Message  of Your Lord, advised and  warned Your Ummah like a sincere friend, and  strived,  leaving  no stone unturned,  against  heavy  odds,  in  the  way  of  Allah,  with wisdom, and good advice. Strong and powerful support was put at Your disposal from al Haq (Allah), and You were kind and compassionate to the momineen, but were harsh with the kafireen, and had sincerely served Allah, till what was certain came to You.

So Allah made You reach the highest stage of glory and honor.

All praise is for Allah alone who saved us through You from the shirk and deviation

O Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad  (saw) and on the Progeny of Muhammad (asws). Your blessings, and the blessings of Your Angels, and of Your Prophets and Messengers,

And of Your pious servants, and of the people of the heavens and the earths, and of those who glorify Thee, O the Lord of the worlds, from times of old and the present times, be upon Muhammad (saw), Your servant and Messenger, Your Prophet, Your trustee,  Your complier,  Your beloved, Your chosen, purified by Thee, Your preferred, the best essence from Thee, Your best from amongst the creation, and gave him surpassing superiority and eminence in wisdom and character, subtle ways and means, highest stations, and put him on the pedestal of praiseworthy fame and fortune; the men of old and the men of later time were envious of His status.

O Allah! You said: And We did not send any messenger but that he should be obeyed by Allah’s permission; and had they, when they were unjust to themselves, come to you and asked forgiveness of Allah and the Messenger had (also) asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah Oft-returning (to mercy), Merciful. (Sura Nisa ayah 64)

O Allah, therefore I turn repentant to Your Prophet (saw), asking pardon for my sins, send blessings on Muhammad (saw)and on His Progeny (asws) and forgive me.

O our Master,  we turn towards  the Most  praised Allah, our Lord  and Your Lord  and ask forgiveness through You, and Your Ahlul Bayt (asws),

Then repeat the following three times:

Verily we are Allah’s; and verily unto Him shall we return.

Then say:

With love and longing for You, we turn, O beloved, in Your direction, because the misery has increased, since we have been cut off from Your revelation , and we lost you. Verily we are Allah’s; and verily unto Him shall we return.

O our Master! O RasoolAllah (saw)! Blessings of Allah be on You and on the pure and pious Ahlul Bayt (asws).

Today is Saturday, Your day, and I, on this day, take refuge with You; seek Your nearness, so receive me with open arms, let me be near You, because You are very kind, love to be hospitable, chosen and assigned to give asylum and refuge, therefore make me feel at home, a most generous friendly welcome, take us under Your shelter, a most reliable protection; in the name and for the sake of Your belief in Allah, and Your Ahlul Bayt (asws)’s belief in Him, and the status He has assigned to them, whereby You became trustees of His knowledge. Verily He is the most kind of all who show kindness.

Reference Mafatih al Jinan