English Translation of Ziarat Nahiya al-Muqaddasa

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The text of Ziyarat al-Nahiya is found in some early Ziyarat collections such as al-Mazar al-Kabir, by Muhammad Ibn Ja’far al-Mash’hadi, pp. 496-513. It is also reported in al-Mazar, by al-Mufid as mentioned in Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 98, pp. 318-329. Of the several prescribed Ziyarat of Imam al-Husain (asws), one was recited by Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) and reached us through one of his four special deputies. For that reason, it is known as the Ziyarat that was issued from the sacred side (Ziyarat al-Nahiya al-Muqaddasa). One of the most important features of this Ziyarat is that in different phrases, Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) graphically describes the events of Ashura and the agony that Imam al-Husain (asws) and His Family faced on that horrific and ominous day.

The following is the Ziarat:

Salam be upon Adam, the chosen one of Allah from among His creation.

Salam be upon Seth (Shaith), the Wali of Allah and His elite.

Salam be upon Idris, who established religion on behalf of Allah by His authority.

Salam be upon Nuh, whose invocation for punishment was answered.

Salam be upon Hud, who was assisted through Allah’s aid.

Salam be upon Salih, whom Allah crowned with His generosity.

Salam be upon Ibrahim, whom Allah endowed with His friendship.

Salam be upon Isma’il, whom Allah ransomed with a great sacrifice from His Heaven.

Salam be upon Is’haq, in whose progeny Allah placed prophethood.

Salam be upon Ya’qub, for whom Allah restored his sight by His mercy.

Salam be upon Yusuf, whom Allah rescued from the well by His majesty.

Salam be upon Musa, the one for whom Allah split the sea with His Power.

Salam be upon Harun, whom Allah distinguished with his prophethood.

Salam be upon Shu’aib, whom Allah made victorious over his people.

Salam be upon Dawud, to whom Allah turned in mercy.

Salam be upon Sulaiman, for whom Allah made the Jinn subservient by His majesty.

Salam be upon Ayyub, whom Allah cured after his prolonged illness.

Salam be upon Yunus, for whom Allah fulfilled the purport of His promise.

Salam be upon Uzair, whom Allah brought to life after his death.

Salam be upon Zakariyya, who remained patient in his tribulations.

Salam be upon Yahya, whom Allah drew near his rank by his martyrdom.

Salam be upon Isa, the spirit of Allah and His word.

Salam be upon Muhammad (saw), the beloved of Allah and His elite.

Salam be upon Ameerul Momineen Ali (asws)Ibn Abi Talib (as), who was exclusively selected for His (RasoolAllah saw) brotherhood .

Salam be upon Fatima (sa)al-Zahra, His (RasoolAllah saw) daughter.

Salam be upon Abu Muhammad al-Hasan (asws), the executor of the will of his father, and his successor.

Salam be upon al-Hussain (asws), who sacrificed himself up to the last drops of the blood of his heart.

Salam be upon him, who obeyed Allah secretly and openly.

Salam be upon whom Allah placed a cure in the soil of his place of martyrdom.

Salam be upon the one under whose dome answers to supplications is guaranteed.

Salam be upon the one in whose descendants are the Imams (asws) after him.

Salam be upon the son of the seal of the prophets.

Salam be upon the son of the master of the successors.

Salam be upon the son of Fatima (sa) al Zahra

Salam be upon the son of Khadija (sa) al Kubra

Salam be upon the son of Sidratul Muntaha

Salam be upon the son of the Garden of refuge.

Salam be upon the son of Zamzam and al-Safaa.

Salam be upon him, who was saturated in his blood.

Salam be upon him, whose tents were violated.

Salam be upon the fifth of the People of the Cloak.

Salam be upon the loneliest of the lonely.

Salam be upon the greatest martyr of all martyrs.

Salam be upon him, who was slain by the individuals of illegitimate birth.

Salam be upon the one who is at rest in Karbala.

Salam be upon the one for whom the heavenly Angels wept.

Salam be upon the one whose descendants are the pure.

Salam be upon the chief of the religion.

Salam be upon the places of the divine proofs.

Salam be upon the Imams (asws), the masters of mankind.

Salam be upon the bloodstained chests.

Salam be upon the parched lips.

Salam be upon the plucked souls.

Salam be upon the snatched spirits.

Salam be upon the stripped corpses.

Salam be upon the pallid bodies.

Salam be upon the gushing blood.

Salam be upon the dismembered limbs.

Salam be upon the heads raised upon lances.

Salam be upon the women forcibly exposed.

Salam be upon the Hujjat (proof) of the Lord of the worlds.

Salam be upon you and upon your pure ancestors.

Salam be upon you and upon your martyred sons.

Salam be upon you and upon your children who aided you.

Salam be upon you and upon the accompanying Angels.

Salam be upon the slain and the oppressed one.

Salam be upon his poisoned brother (Imam al-Hasan asws).

Salam be upon Ali (asws) al-Akbar.

Salam be upon the infant Ali (asws) al-Asghar.

Salam be upon the plundered bodies.

Salam be upon the family and children who were nearby the place of martyrdom [who where without support among strangers].

Salam be upon the mangled corpses left in the desert.

Salam be upon those who were left far from their homeland.

Salam be upon those who were buried without shrouds.

Salam be upon the heads severed from the bodies.

Salam be upon the bereaved and the patient one.

Salam be upon the oppressed one who was without a helper.

Salam be upon the inhabitant of the purified soil.

Salam be upon the possessor of the lofty dome.

Salam be upon him, whom the Almighty purified.

Salam be upon him, of whom Jibrael (as) was proud.

Salam be upon the one to whom Mikael (as) spoke tenderly in the cradle.

Salam be upon the one whose pact was broken.

Salam be upon the one whose rights and dignity were violated.

Salam be upon the one whose blood was shed unjustly.

Salam be upon the one who was bathed in the blood of his wounds.

Salam be upon the one who tasted the spears raining down over his body.

Salam be upon the one against whom people came together and made lawful the shedding of his blood.

Salam be upon the one slaughtered in public.

Salam be upon the one who was buried by the strangers from nearby villages.

Salam be upon the one whose aorta was severed.

Salam be upon the defender who had no helper.

Salam be upon the gray hair that was dyed with blood.

Salam be upon the cheek that struck the dust.

Salam be upon the butchered body.

Salam be upon the front teeth that were beaten with a rod.

Salam be upon the head raised upon a lance.

Salam be upon the unclothed corpses in the desert, bitten by wild wolves and around whom the beasts of prey prowled.

Salam be upon you, O my master, and the Angels who gather around your dome, surround your grave, circumambulate your courtyard, and come for your ziarat.

Salam be upon you! Indeed, I intended to come to your Ziarat, and I am hopeful of achieving the prosperity that is with you. Salam be upon you,

Salam from he who recognizes your sanctity, is a sincere believer in your wilayat, seeks nearness to Allah through your love, and is distant from your enemies,

Salam from the one whose heart is wounded due to the tribulations you have suffered, and whose tears flow in your remembrance,

Salam from the one who is distressed, grief-stricken, distracted, and yielding,

Salam from the one, who, had he been present with you in that plain, would have shielded you from the sharpness of the swords with his body and sacrificed his last breath for you, would have struggled beside you, helped you against the aggressors, and redeemed you with his soul, body, wealth, and children, and whose soul is a sacrifice for yours, and whose family is a shield for yours.

But as I have been hindered by the course of time and as Allah’s decree has prevented me from helping you, and as I could not fight those who fought you, and was not able to show hostility to those who showed hostility to you,

I will, therefore, lament you morning and evening, and will weep blood in place of tears, out of my anguish for you and my sorrow for all that befell you, until I meet death from the pain of the catastrophe and the choking grief.

I testify that you certainly established prayer, paid zakat, enjoined good, forbade evil and transgression, obeyed Allah, never disobeyed Him, and held fast to Him and to His rope.

Then, you pleased Him, held Him in awe, were attentive towards Him, and were responsive to Him, established the sunnah of the Prophet (saw) extinguished turmoil in religion, invited people to rectitude, clarified the ways of righteousness, and truly strove in the way of Allah.

You were an obedient one to Allah,  a follower of your grandfather, Muhammad, Salam be upon him and his family,  heedful of the saying of your father, quick to execute the will of your brother, an erector of the pillars of the religion, a suppressor of tyranny, an advancer on the transgressors, and a sincere exhorter for the nation, a traveler into mortal throes, a warrior against the wretched, and a maintainer of Allah’s hujjat (proofs) on earth, compassionate towards Islam and Muslims, a champion of truth and most patient in adversity, a protector for the religion, and a defender of its domain.

You safeguarded the right path and supported it,  spread justice and promoted it,  advocated the faith and manifested it, restrained and reproached the frivolous,  took back the rights of the lowly from the privileged,  and were equitable in your arbitrations between the weak and the strong.

You were the springtime of the orphans, the protection of humanity, the glory of Islam,  the treasure of divine laws, and a relentless ally of benevolence.

You pursued the path of your grandfather and your father, resembled your brother in will, were loyal to your obligations, possessed pleasant manners, embodied generosity, and spent the darkness of night in prayer.

You were the straightest path, the most generous of the creation, and had the brightest record.

You were of great ancestry, noble descent, and lofty rank.

You possessed plentiful merits, praiseworthy manners, and were abundant in endowments.

You were forbearing, upright, always turning to Allah, generous, knowledgeable, strong,  a martyred Imam (asws), grieved, repentant with earnest prayers to Allah, dearly loved,

You were to the Messenger (saw), a son, for the Quran, an authority [a savior], and for the nation, a support.

You were diligent in obedience, a protector of the covenant and oath, keeping away from the paths of debauchery, sparing no effort in fulfilling the duties, performing prolonged bowing (rukoo) and prostrations, (sajda) abstaining from the world, like one who is departing from it, looking upon the world through the eyes of one estranged from it.

You desired nothing from this world, your efforts were far-removed from its embellishments, your glances removed from its joys, and your desire for the hereafter was well-known, even when tyranny became wide-spread, oppression removed its veil, wickedness called upon its followers, and you were residing in the sanctuary of your grandfather, detached from the oppressors, sitting in the house and the prayer niche, unattached to worldly pleasures and carnal desires, and renouncing evil in your heart and on your tongue to the extent of your strength and ability.

Then the knowledge demanded you for disavowal of falsehood, and made it incumbent on you to struggle against the deviant.

Therefore, you set out in company of your children, kinsfolk, followers, and supporters, disclosed the truth and clear proofs, summoned people towards Allah with wisdom and fine exhortation, ordered the establishment of the limits of divine law, and the obedience to the One Who should be worshipped, and forbade people from wickedness and oppression.

But, they confronted you with oppression and hostility.

Therefore, you resisted them after advising them and stressing over divine proofs against them.

However, they violated your divine rights and oath, angered your Lord and your grandfather,

and initiated battle against you.

Hence, you stood firm to spear and strike, pulverized the soldiers of the transgressors, and stormed courageously into the dust of the battle, fighting with Dhulfiqar as if you were Ali (asws) al Mukhtar

So when they saw you firm, fearless, and courageous, they set up their most malicious deceptions against you, and fought you with their deceit and viciousness.

The accursed one (Umar Ibn Sa’d la) commanded his soldiers, and thus, they prevented you from reaching or receiving water.

They rushed to engage you in combat, descended swiftly upon you, showering you with arrows and stones, and moving towards you with uprooting hands.

Neither they respected your rights, nor were they mindful of retribution for slaying you and your companions, and plundering your belongings.

You were in the front line of the storm of battle, enduring afflictions.

Indeed, the angels of the heavens were astonished by your patience.

The enemy then surrounded you from all sides, weakened you by inflicting wounds, prevented you from taking any repose, and you had no helper remaining.

You were bereaved yet patient,  defending your women and children, until they caused you to fall from your horse.

You fell to the ground, wounded, horses trampled you with their hooves, oppressors raised their swords against you, the sweat of death appeared on your forehead, and you continually clenched and unclenched your hands, secretly gazing upon your caravan and tents, while trapped by yourself away from your children and family.

At that time, your horse galloped towards your camp, neighing and crying.

When the women saw your horse distraught,  and observed your saddle contorted, they came from the tents, disheveling their hair, striking their now unveiled cheeks, calling you by lamenting and wailing, being humiliated after being honored, hastening to where you lay wounded.

At that time Shimr (La) was sitting on your chest, quenching his sword with the blood of your throat, grabbing your beard with his hand, as he slew you with his sword.

Your senses faded, your breath became shallow and ceased, and your head was raised onto a spear.

Your family were captured like slaves, bound with iron chains atop camels, with midday heat scorching their faces.

They were driven across deserts and wastelands, with their hands chained to their necks, and were paraded around the markets.

Woe be unto the wicked transgressors!

Certainly, by killing you, they have killed Islam,  disrupted the truth of prayer and fasting,  revoked the prophetic sunnah and the divine laws,  destroyed the pillars of faith, distorted the verses of the Quran,  and brutally rushed into tyranny and aggression.

Certainly, by this event, RasoolAllah (saw) was wronged, left alone, and denied vengeance, the Book of Allah, the mighty and the majestic, was again abandoned, truth was betrayed when you were forcibly overcome,

And with your loss, call for Allah’s glorification and His Unity, His prohibitions, sanctions, revelation, and interpretation were lost.

After you, alteration, distortion, infidelity, abandonment of the Islamic laws, vagary, misguidance, turmoil and falsehood became prevalent.

The announcer of your martyrdom came near the grave of your grandfather, the Messenger (saw), gave the news to him with tears flowing, saying:

O RasoolAllah (saw)! Your brave grandson was slain, and abuse of your family and supporters were deemed lawful.

After you, your progeny were captured, and adversity befell your family and your offspring.

Indeed, the Messenger (saw) became distressed and his saddened heart wept, The Angels and the prophets offered their condolences to him for your martyrdom,  Your mother, al-Zahra (sa), became distressed and bereft of you,

Legions of favored Angels came in waves to offer their condolences to your father, Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Mourning commemorations were held for you in the utmost exalted place Heaven, and the dark-eyed Maidens of Paradise hit their own heads and faces in grief,

The skies and their inhabitants wept, as did Paradise and its keepers, the mountains and their surroundings, the oceans and their fishes, the heavens and their servants, the House (Ka’ba), and Maqam (the Station of Ibrahim), the Sacred Monument, and Mecca and its sanctuary.

O Allah! By the sanctity of this exalted place (the tomb of Imam al-Hussain (asws)), bestow blessings upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, assemble me in their company, and admit me to Paradise by their intercession.

My Allah! I implore You, O He who is the quickest of the reckoners!

O the most generous of the generous and the wisest of judges!

By Muhammad (saw), the seal of the prophets, Your Messenger to all the worlds,

By his brother and cousin, the uprooter of hidden polytheism, the distinguished and learned, Ali (asws)Ameerul Momineen

By Fatima (sa) Syedatul Nisa al Alameen

By al-Hasan (asws), the purified one and the protection of the pious,

By Abu Abdullah, al-Hussain (asws), the most honored martyr,

By his slain children and oppressed family,

By Ali (asws) Ibn al-Hussain (asws), Zainul Abideen,

By Muhammad (asws) Ibn Ali(asws), the direction of those who turn to Allah,

By Ja’far (asws) Ibn Muhammad(asws), al Sadiqeen

By Musa (asws) Ibn Ja’far(asws), the discloser of the proofs,

By Ali (asws) Ibn Musa(asws), the helper of the religion,

By Muhammad (asws) Ibn Ali(asws), the exemplar of those who accepted guidance,

By Ali (asws) Ibn Muhammad(asws), the most ascetic,

By Hasan (asws) Ibn Ali(asws), the inheritor of the appointed ones,

By the Hujjat (Proof )upon all creation (al-Mahdi atfs),

Bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad (asws), the most truthful and devoted ones who are the family of Taha and Yasin,  and place me on the Day of Judgment among those who are safe, confident,  triumphant, happy, and felicitous.

O Allah! Destine me to be amongst the submitters,

Join me with the righteous, Ordain for me offspring with truthful tongue among the last generation,  Make me victorious over the transgressors, Suffice me the deception of the envious,  Turn away from me the evil plans of the schemers, Hold back from me the hands of the oppressors, Gather me with the blessed masters in the utmost exalted place of Heaven, along with whom You have bestowed favor, from among the prophets, the truthful, the martyrs, and the righteous,

By Your mercy, O the most merciful of the merciful.

O Allah! I implore You by Your Masoom Prophet (saw), by Your definite judgment, and Your concealed preventive wisdom, by this grave which is the place of congregation and in which lies the Masoom Imam (asws), the slaughtered, and the oppressed, that You dispel from me all that grieves me, divert from me the harm of the decisive foreordained plan, and give me refuge from the Hellfire with scorching winds.

O Allah! Honor me with Your bounties,

Make me content with Your apportionment, Encompass me with Your munificence and generosity, And keep me far off from Your requital scheme and Your wrath.

O Allah! Protect me from errors, Make me firm in speech and action, Extend for me the period of life,  Relieve me from pain and ailments,  Make me achieve, through my masters and Your grace, the best of wishes.

O Allah! Bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad and accept my repentance and my return, Have mercy upon my weeping, Lessen my lapses, Relieve my distress, Forgive me my mistake,  And improve my righteousness through my children.

My Allah! Do not leave for me, in this exalted and honored place of martyrdom, any sin but that You forgive,

Nor any defect but that You conceal,

Nor any grief but that You remove,

Nor any rizq (sustenance) but that You extend,

Nor any spiritual status but that You cause to prosper,

Nor any corruption but that which You correct,

Nor any wish but that You fulfill,

Nor any supplication but that You answer,

Nor any pressure but that You relieve,

Nor any dispersed believers but that You reunify,

Nor any matter but that You complete,

Nor any wealth but that You increase,

Nor any character but that You improve,

Nor any charity but that You repay,

Nor any condition but that You cause to improve,

Nor any envious one but that You suppress,

Nor any enemy but that You destroy,

Nor any evil but that You suffice,

Nor any ailment but that You cure,

Nor any distant one but that You bring near,

Nor any scattering but that You reunite,

Nor any request but that You grant.

O Allah! I ask You for the goodness of this transitory world, and the reward of the hereafter.

O Allah! Suffice me with what You made lawful from the unlawful, and with Your grace from all other creatures.

My Allah! I ask You for beneficial knowledge, a humble heart,  unequivocal certitude,  pure action, beautiful patience, and a bountiful reward.

O Allah! Grant me gratitude of Your blessing upon me, Increase Your favor and munificence on me, Make my speech amongst people effective, my deeds elevated and worthy of being delivered to You, my righteous works followed by others, and my enemy quelled,

O Allah! Send blessings upon Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad (asws), the best of the creations, day and night, Spare me from the evil of the wicked,  Purify me from sins and burdens, Give me refuge from Hell-fire, Settle me in the House of rest (Paradise), And forgive me and all my faithful brothers and sisters, By Your mercy, O the most merciful of the merciful!

Then stand beside the upper side of the grave, face towards the Qibla and perform a two-unit Ziyarat prayer. Recite Chapter 21 (al-Anbiya) in the first unit and Chapter 59 (al-Hashr) in the second unit of the prayer, and recite the following supplication in the Qunut of the prayer:

There is no god except Allah, the forbearing, the generous.

There is no god except Allah, Most High Most Great (Aliul Azeem)

There is no god exceptAllah, the Lord of the seven heavens and the seven earths, and whatever is in them and whatever is between them.

By this, I am opposing the belief of His enemies, disavowing whomever has turned away from Him, confessing His Lordship, and surrendering to His majesty.

He is the first without being first He is the last without having an end.

He is Zahir (apparent) over everything by His power.

He is Batin (hidden) as He knows the inner workings of every thing by His knowledge and His subtlety.

Intellects cannot comprehend the depth of His grandeur.

Thoughts cannot grasp the reality of His Essence.

Souls cannot imagine the meanings of His qualities.

He knows well the innermost thoughts of His servants, is cognizant of the secrets, and knows the treachery of the eyes, and all that the hearts of men conceal.

My Allah! I bear You as witness of my acknowledgement of Your Messenger (saw) and my faith in him, and my recognition of his status.

I testify that he was the Prophet by whose favor wisdom was given voice, of whom previous prophets gave glad tidings, called people to admit what he  brought from the Lord, and urged people to acknowledge him, according to His saying, the most high, “… he, whom they find mentioned in their Torah and the Gospels, who commands them virtuous acts and forbids them evil, allows them as lawful the good (and pure) things, prohibits them from impurities, and releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them …”

Thus, bless Muhammad, Your messenger to both masses of human and Jinn, the master of the chosen prophets, and bless his brother and his cousin, neither of whom ever took associates with You in worship even for one moment, and bless Fatima (sa), al Zahra, Syedatul Nisa al Alameen and bless the two masters of the youth of Paradise, al-Hasan (asws) and al-Hussain (asws),

With an everlasting blessing, equal to the number of drops of rains, and the weight of the mountains and hills, For as long as Salam and salutations are exchanged, and light and darkness of night are replaced.  And bless his pure family, the guided Imams (asws), the defenders of the religion, who are Ali(asws), Muhammad(asws),, Ja’far(asws),, Musa(asws),, Ali(asws),, Muhammad(asws),, Ali(asws),, al-Hasan(asws),, and al-Hujja(atfs), the establishers of fairness, and the grandsons of the Prophet (saw).

O Allah! I ask You by the rights of this Imam (asws),, a relief in the near future, beautiful patience, mighty triumph, sufficiency from people, steadfastness in the path of guidance, success in what pleases and satisfies You, a sustenance that is vast, lawful, pure, adequate, fruitful, pleasant, abundant, superior, pouring forth, without any toil, trouble, and favor from anyone.

Preserve my health against any affliction, ailment, and disease,

Grant me appreciation of well-being and blessings,

And when the time of death arrives, take our soul while it is in the best condition of obedience to You,

And while observing what You commanded, so that You lead us to the Garden of blessings.

By Your mercy, O the most merciful of the merciful!

My Allah! Bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad (asws), and distance me from the attractions of the world, and make me familiar with (he affairs of the hereafter.

Certainly, nothing causes alienation from this world except fear of You, and nothing causes to be accustomed to the hereafter except hope for Your mercy.

O Allah! For You is the proof, not against You, and to You is complained, not from You.

Thus, bless Muhammad (saw) and his family (asws), and assist me against my unjust and disobedient soul, and my dominant desire.

And conclude me with a safe and healthy end.

O Allah! It is due to my shamelessness that I ask forgiveness while I insist on what You have forbidden.

But, if I do not ask for forgiveness with my knowledge of Your abundant forbearance, it will be wasting the right of hope to You.

My Allah! due to my weak faith, my sins discourage me from requesting You, and my knowledge about Your vast mercy prevents me from fearing You.

Thus, bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad, (asws) and confirm my hope in You, negate my fear of You, and be for me according to the best of what I expect and believe about You, O the most generous of the generous!

O Allah! Bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad,(asws) and support me by protection from sins, Make my tongue speak wisdom, Place me among those who regret what they wasted yesterday, do not aggrieve their portion today, and do not worry about the sustenance of tomorrow.

O Allah! Certainly, rich is he who suffices himself with You and considers himself in need of You, and poor is he who feels that he can suffice himself through Your creation without You.

Thus, bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad,(asws) and suffice me from Your creation by Yourself, and put me amongst those who do not extend their hand except towards You.

My Allah! Certainly, wretched is he who despairs while repentance is placed before him and mercy is after him, Even though I have been weak in action, I have strong hope in Your mercy,

Thus, forgive the weakness of my action in light of the strength of my hope.

O Allah! Even if You know there is no one amongst Your servants with harder heart and greater sins than mine, I certainly know that there is no master more generous than You, with greater mercy and forgiveness. Then, O He Who is unique in His mercy! Forgive him, who is not unique in his mistakes.

O Allah! Certainly, You commanded us, but we have disobeyed, forbade us, but we did not desist, reminded us, but we remained unmindful, enlightened us, but we behaved blindly, and warned us, but we transgressed.

This was not the repayment of Your kindness to us, and You know what we have disclosed and have concealed, and You are aware of what we will do and have done.

Thus, bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad, (asws) and pardon us for our mistakes and our forgetfulness,  forgive us the negligence of Your rights by us, complete Your beneficence towards us, and cause Your mercy to descend upon us.

My Allah! We seek nearness to You by means of this truthful Imam (asws), and request You by the rights that You have placed for him (asws), his grandfather (saw), his parents, Ali (asws) and Fatima (sa), the household of mercy, an abundant flow of livelihood that maintains our life and the welfare of our dependents.

Certainly You are the generous one who grants abundantly, and holds back having power to fulfill. We request from You a livelihood that brings the goodness of this world and the pleasure of the hereafter,

O Allah! Bless Muhammad (saw) and the family of Muhammad,(asws) and forgive me, my parents, all the momineen and mominat (believing men and women), and the muslimeen and muslamat (muslims), the living of them and the dead.

Give us good in this world and good in the hereafter, and shield us from the torment of the fire

Then, complete your prayer, and recite Tasbihat Syeda Fatima (sa) and then place the side of you face on the ground and say the following forty times:

Glory be to Allah! Praise be to Allah! There is no god except Allah! Allah is greatest

Following that, ask Allah for protection, salvation, forgiveness, success in performing good deeds, and the acceptance of the actions that you do to seek His nearness and perform for His sake.

Then, embrace the inner shrine, kiss it, and say:

May Allah increase your honor. Salam be upon you, the mercy of Allah, and His blessings.

Finally, pray for yourself, your parents and for whomever else you wish.

Imam Mahdi (atfs) said, “I pray for any momin who remembers the sufferings of my martyred grandfather, al-Husain (asws), and then prays for my relief (al-Faraj)”