Ziarat of Hamzah (as) and Martyrs of Uhud

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Masoom Imam (asws) narrates: The following should be recited next to the grave of Hamzah (as):

Salam be upon You O Uncle of RasoolAllah (saw) and best of the martyrs

Salam be upon You O Lion of Allah and Lion of His Messenger

I testify that you strived truthfully in the way of Allah, you faithfully served Allah and His Messenger, and willingly sacrificed yourself in the way of Allah.  You sought after only that which lead to Allah and desired only that which He had promised

After you have completed reciting, enter and perform prayer, but do not face the grave while you are praying. After you have completed your prayers, cling to the grave and recite the following:

O Allah! Send Your blessings upon Muhammad (saw) and His Ahlul Bayt (asws)

O Allah! I throw myself upon Your mercy by clinging to the grave of the Uncle of Your Prophet, may Your blessings be upon Him (saw) and His Ahlul Bayt (asws), so that I may find protection against Your wrath, vengeance, and abhorrence, and to keep me from slipping on that day when there will be much clamor and humiliation when every soul will be busy defending that which it has brought forward for itself. If today I am included in Your mercy, then I shall not have any fear or any grief, but if I am included in Your wrath, it is because You are My Master who has power over His slave.

O Allah! Do not disappoint me on this day and do not allow me to leave without fulfilling my needs for I am clinging to the grave of the Uncle of Your Prophet (saw).  I have come seeking to gain the nearness of Allah and His pleasure and mercy.  Please accept this deed from me and turn towards my ignorance with Your patience and with Your kindness to the crimes that I committed against myself. For my sins are great. I have no fear that You will oppress me. I only fear the Hasab (accountability).

Therefore take into consideration my restless movement on the grave of the uncle of Your Prophet, may Your blessings be upon Him and His Ahlul Bayt (asws) and release me from hell through them. Do not make my efforts futile do not disgrace my supplication, do not prevent my voice from reaching You and do not send me back without fulfilling my needs

O savior of all those who are distressed and anguished

O the comforter of the heartbroken, perplexed, and the stranger who is on the verge of perishing

Send blessings on Muhammad (saw) and His Pure and Pious Ahlul Bayt (asws) and look upon me in such a way that afterwards I shall never be afflicted

Have mercy upon me through my supplication and my loneliness for I have hoped to gain Your pleasure. I seek that good which can only be given by You. Do not disappoint me

Ref: Kamil al Ziarat