English Translation for the Prayer of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

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Imam Jafar Sadiq (asws) said that whosoever prays the 4 Rakat Namaz of Ameerul Momineen (asws) comes out of the evil whirlpool of sins, as baby comes out from the womb. The Holy Prophet (saw) said that whosoever prays this Namaz and recites the Dua’a at the end is absolved from the accountability of all his sins (provided no more sins are committed). Pray this 4 rakat Namaz exactly like any 4 rakat obligatory Namaz (Zuhr, Asr or Ishaa) on Friday or during the night of Friday, with the following adjustments:

(i) In each Rakat, after recitation of Suratul Fatiha, recite Suratul Ikhlaas 50 times.

(ii) After Salaam, recite the following Tasbih of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

Glory be to He whose signs never disappear! Glory be to He Whose reserves never grow less.

Glory be to He Whose Glory never runs low. Glory be to He Who never suffers loss in what He has.

Glory be to He in whose range and reach there is no gap! Glory be to He Who shares with no one in the administration of His affairs,

Glory be to He, except Whom, there is no god.

One should pray afterwards, and should say:

O He who overlooks sins, and does not inflict punishment in return, have mercy on Thy servant, O Allah, be sparing with me, save me,

I am Thy servant. O my Master, I am Thy servant. I am at Thy disposal. O my Lord,

O my Allah, in the name of Thy Being, O Hope, O Beneficent, O Supporter,

Thy servant, Thy servant, has no strategy; O the Ultimate Beloved, O He Who makes the blood run into my veins.

O my Owner, O my Master, It is He whom I desire, it is He whom I desire, O Lord, Thy servant, Thy servant,

has no strategy; has nothing of his own, has no control over loss, nor over profit. I do not find any one to seek help,

so all profitable avenues have been blocked, all my expectations have turned into disappointments, helpless and forsaken I came to Thee, and now stand before Thee.

O my Allah, Thou art aware of that which I speak about, so how would Thou deal with me? If I but knew how would Thou dispense with my prayer?

Yes? Or No? If No, then I am ruined! I am ruined! I am ruined! Woe to me! Woe to me! Woe to me!

Oh my misery! Oh my misery! Oh my misery! Oh my ill-luck! Oh my ill-luck! Oh my ill-luck!

To whom? By Whom? Or from whom? Or how? Or in which place to take shelter?

Who shall pay attention and show favor to me, when Thou had forsaken me? O Liberal Forgiver, if it is yes, as I expect and desire, then it is an occasion for joy, I am successful, I am happy, I have been chosen to receive Thy mercy.

and I receive mercy, O Merciful !O Compassionate! O Pardoner! O Omnipotent! O Sovereign! O Just!

If I do not have a clean record to show Thee for obtaining fulfillment of my desires, then I beseech Thee in the name of Thy name which Thou has kept invisible. Safely under Thy control,

and nothing comes out from there except by Thy leave. I beseech Thee by it, for, certainly it is the most high and honored of Thy names, I have nothing to mention except this, and no one is more beneficial for me than Thee.

O Absolute Being! O Creator of creation! O He who made my mind and soul perceive His Being! O He who commanded me to obey!

O He who directed me not to disobey! O He who is besought! O He who is requested! O He who is desired!

I overlooked Thy instructions which Thou gave me and did not obey Thee, although in that which Thou orders me I obey Thee; but in all events, for my every work I turn to Thee and Thou effectively accomplishes it.

Inspite of my transgression I am hopeful of Thy kindness, so do not let my hope remain unfulfilled,

O the most Merciful, keep me safe, under Thy protection, from all evils that are before me, behind me, above me, below me, and surround me from all sides,

O my Allah, for the sake of my master, Muhammad (asws) and my Wali, Ali (asws), and the Righteous Holy Imams, peace be on them.

Bestow Thy blessings on us treat us kindly, and have mercy on us, and multiply our livelihood, make us repay our debts, and satisfy all our wants and needs, O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, Verily Thou art able to do all things.

Then the Imam (asws) added, “If one says this prayer and recites this du`a, Allah will forgive all of his sins upon getting through with it.”

Author’s note: There are so many hadith related about the rewards of saying these four rak`ats of prayer on Friday eve and Friday itself. If one says “O Allah! Grant Your blessings upon the Arabian Prophet (saw) and His Progeny (asws) Allahumma salli `alan nabiyil `arabiyi wa aalih” (after this prayer, his former and recent sins will be forgiven, and he is like he who has recited the entire Qur’an twelve times. Besides, Allah, the Exalted will keep him secured from the awful thirst and hunger of the Day of Resurrection).


Ref: Mafatih al Jinaan