English Translation for the Prayer of Imam Hasan (asws)

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The prayer of Imam Hasan (asws) on Friday consists of 4 rakats. In each rakat one should recite Sura al Fatiha once and after it recite Sura al Tawhid (Iklhas) 25 times. The following is the dua of Imam Hasan (asws);

O My Allah! I come near to Thee, towards Thy liberal beneficence and generous kindness.

I come near to Thee, in the name of Muhammad (saw), Thy Servant, and Thy Messenger.

I come near to Thee, in the name of Thy close Angels, those who are nearest to You (Allah) and Your Prophets, and Your Messengers, that blessings are sent on Muhammad (saw), Thy Servant and Thy Messenger, and on the Family of Muhammad (asws), and that comfort and happiness are made available for me, my sins are kept hidden, and forgiven; my wants and needs favorably taken care of, and I am not punished for shortcomings.

Do what is good for me for surely Thou very kindly and lovingly takes care of me. Certainly Thou art able to do all things.

Ref: Mafatih al Jinaan