English translation of Ziarat of Hz Muslim ibn Aqeel

English Translation of Ziarat of Hz Muslim ibn Aqeel (as)

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Praise be to Allah the evident rightful master.

All the rebel tyrants feel small before His greatness.  All the dwellers of the heavens and the earths acknowledge Him as their Lord and every created being believes in His tawheed.

Blessings of Allah be on the chief of mankind and on his noble Ahlul Bayt (asws).

Blessings which may bring light of joy in their eyes and humiliate and blacken the faces of their enemies among the jinn and men.

Salam be on you O Muslim (as) bin Aqeel (as) bin Abi Talib (as) from Allah, His favorite angels, prophets, messengers, chosen imams, pious servants, martyrs and the trustworthy, and also pure and good congratulation from them, and mercy of Allah be on you.

I testify that you established salat, gave zakat, enjoined to do good, forbade from doing evil, sincerely fought in the cause of Allah, and you were martyred while striving in His way, till you met the mighty Allah who is happy with your efforts.

I testify that you have fulfilled the covenant made with Allah and gave your life to support the Hujjatullah (proof of  Allah), and the son of Hujjatullah, until you left this world

I testify that you obeyed the son of the divinely appointed prophet (saw), remained loyal to him and advised people to do the same, because he was his exalted grandson, who was a learned guide, the executor of the Holy Prophet’s will, the preacher of truth, but was oppressed and wronged. So may Allah give you a reward on behalf of His Messenger, Ameer ul Momineen (asws), Hassan (asws) and Hussain (asws), the best reward for that, which you suffered patiently, remained satisfied and extended unreserved support. So the accomplishment was excellent.

May Allah send lanaat on him who killed you.

May Allah send lanaat on him who gave orders to kill you.

May Allah send lanaat on him who oppressed you.

May Allah  send lanaat on him who remained ignorant of your rights and mocked  your honour.

May Allah send lanaat on him who first took the oath of loyalty and then broke it, who forsake you, handed you over to your enemy, instigated people against you, and did not help you.

Praise be to Allah who has ordained hell for them as their abode. How terrible it is a place to come live!

I testify that you were killed without mercy and certainly Allah will make good his promise He had made with all of you. I am here as a zawar to your holy shrine, aware of your rights; so I submit to all of you, follow your way of life, offer myself to assist you as far as Allah gives orders, so I am with you. And I disassociate myself from your enemies.

Blessings of Allah be on all of you, on yours souls, on your bodies, on your visible existence, on your invisible existence, and peace be on you all, and also His mercy and benedictions. May Allah destroy that group who killed you with their hands and tongues.

 [Then enter and embrace or touch the zarih and say:]

Salam be upon You O the obedient pious servant of Allah and His Messenger, Ameerul Momineen , Hassan and Hussain (salam be on all of them).

Praise be to Allah, and peace be on his chosen servants, Muhammad (saw) and His Family (asws), and also His mercy and blessings be on them all. May His protection be on your soul and body.

I bear witness that you accomplished that against the infidels in the battle of Badr did in the cause of Allah, who were always ready against Allah’s enemies and to help His friends, so may Allah reward you with the best reward, many and abundant rewards; and also to whoso fulfilled the oath of allegiance, accepted His call and obeyed those who were divinely chosen to exercise authority.

I bear witness that you left no stone unturned to advise the people to accept the truth and because of your tireless and utmost efforts Allah reckoned you among the martyrs, let your soul, rest in peace with the propitious souls, gave you the best and superior most place in the paradise, exalted your mention in the most honored group, and joined you with the prophets the truthful, martyrs and the pious. How majestic are these companions!

I bear witness that neither you lagged behind nor ran away through timidity but carried out your duty on account of your awareness. You walked in the steps of the righteous and followed the example of the prophets.

May Allah unite you and us with His Messenger and His friends in the abodes of those who humble themselves before Allah and enjoy peace and quiet. Verily He is the most merciful

Then perform two rakats of prayer near the side of His holy head and then say: “O Allah, send your blessings upon Muhammad (saw) and the Family of Muhammad (asws) and remove me from sin.”