English Translation of the Ziarat of Imam Hasan (asws)
& The Imams of al Baqi (asws)

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When you perform the Ziarat of the graves of the Imams (asws) in al Baqi, stand beside the graves while facing them and with your back towards qiblah. Then recite:

Salam be upon You, Imams of Guidance (asws)

Salam be upon You, People of Righteousness and Piety

Salam be upon You, Hujjat (Proof) on the people of the world

Salam be upon You, Just Guardians of the creations

Salam be upon the Chosen Family

Salam be upon You, O Family of RasoolAllah (saw)

Salam be upon You, People of Devotion

I testify that You conveyed the message of Allah and were patient in Allah, You were denied and abused but You forgave

I testify that You are the Rightly Guided Imams (asws) whose obedience is wajib (obligatory) and who speak only the truth. You called the people but Your call was ignored. You ordered the people but Your order was not obeyed. You are the Pillars of the Religion and the Foundations of the Earth.

Allah has always been with You. He took You from the loins of the Purified Fathers and placed You in the wombs of the Purified Mothers.  The ignorance of the ignorant did not touch You and the desires of the flesh were not felt by You

You are blessed and the places in which You were raised are also blessed.  Dianul Deen blessed us through You by placing You  “in houses which Allah has permitted to be exalted and His name to be remembered therein” (Quran 24:36)

Allah has made our salawat upon You as a means of mercy for us and an expiation of our sins. Allah has chosen You for us.

And purified the creation by bestowing His blessings upon us through Your Wilayat. We possess knowledge of You and are counted amongst those who recognize Your Imamate.

I am in the state of one who has been excessive and committed sins, but has renounced and admitted to his past actions and desires to be saved through his coming here. I am one who hopes the savior of those ruined will save him from chastisement through You

Intercede for me for I have come to You while the People of the World have denied You, and have mocked and scorned the Ayatullahs (signs of Allah)

O He who oversees the affairs and is everlasting and never distraught and encompasses all things

You have honored me by allowing me to know my Imams (asws) and by keeping me firm on Them while Your slaves have abandoned it, been ignorant in recognizing it, demeaned its right, and followed other paths

You have chosen me, praise is for You for bestowing this position upon me. Do not deprive me of that which I long for and bless me through the honor of Muhammad (saw) and His Purified Family (asws)

Then pray for the fulfillment of your needs

Ref: Kamil al Ziarat