Islamic Dua of Tuesday

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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.(All)  praise is for Allah; praise belongs to Him (alone) and answers the purpose, even frequent, too much and long (time) praise is necessary, and is a duty.

I take refuge with Him from the corruption of desires and passions, indeed (vain) desires and (carnal) passions would lead astray unto evil, if not my Lord is merciful (to me);

I take refuge with Him, from the evil of the shaitan, who piles high sins, one upon another;

I guard myself, with His help, against every cruel wrongdoer, unjust ruler, and harmful adversary.

0 my Allah! Make me a part of Thy flock, because surely Thy flock alone wins; take me in among the group of people dedicated to Thee, because beyond  the shadow of doubt, Thy party alone makes progress, make room for me among Thy friends, because certainly for Thy friends there is no fear, nor they dismay or lose confidence.

0 my Allah let me answer the purpose of my religion, because nothing else but this  alone guarantees success in my works; make my eternal life blissful, because at all events it will be my permanent abode, a sanctuary- away from the vile and the worthless mean world; let me live a life that fully absorbs good and beauty, everywhere, at all times, let me die a death that sets me free happy and blessed from every kind of evil.

0 my Allah send blessing on Muhammad, the Last Prophet, the Seal of all Messengers, on His pure and pious Progeny, on his noble companions, and grant me in the hours of this Tuesday three favors. Do not take up the account of my sins, but to overlook them, do not put me in difficulties, but to overcome them, do not be hard and severe, except to curb the transgression,

In the name of “Bismillah” the Best of names. In the name of Allah, the Lord of the earth, and the heavens, I keep off and drive away everything which is ugly and bad, worst of all is His displeasure.  I collect and gather everything which is beautiful and good, best of all is His pleasure; so be kind and merciful when my time comes, 0 He Who owns and distributes favors freely!

0 Allah! Send blessings on Muhammad (saw) wa Aal e Muhammad (asws)

Ref: Mafatih al Jinaan

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