Sermon of Fadak by Syeda Fatima Zahra (sa)

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English Sermon of Fadak delivered by Syeda Fatima (sa) now available on Wilayat Mission

 Syeda (sa) felt grieved by abu bakr (la)’s actions, and was so displeased with him that when She knew of his attempt to seize Fadak, She accompanied a group of women to the mosque. There She sat down and delivered the following speech:

“Praise be to Allah for that which He bestowed (upon Us); and thanks be to Him for all that which He inspired; and commended in His Name for that which He provided; from prevalent favours which He created, and abundant benefactions which He offered and perfect grants which He presented; (such benefactions) that their number is much too plentiful to compute; bounties too vast to measure; their limit was too distant to realize; He recommended to them (His creatures) to gain more (of His benefaction) by being grateful for their continuity; He ordained Himself praiseworthy by giving generously to His creatures; I bear witness that there is no Allah except Allah who is One without partner. A statement which sincere devotion is made to be its interpretation; hearts guarantee its continuation, and illuminated in the minds is its sensibility. He who cannot be perceived with vision; neither be described with tongues; nor can imagination surround His state.

 He originated things but not from anything that existed before them, and created them without examples to follow. Rather, He created them with His qudrat and dispersed them according to His mashiat; not for a need did He create them; nor for a benefit (for Him) did He shape them, but to establish His wisdom, bring attention to His obedience, manifest His qudrat, lead His creatures to humbly exalt Him, and to exalt His decrees. He then made the reward of His obedience and punishment for His disobedience, so as to protect His creatures from His wrath and amass them into His paradise. I too bear witness that My Father, Muhammad (saw), is His slave and messenger, whom He chose prior to sending Him, named Him before sending Him; when creatures were still concealed in that which was transcendental, guarded from that which was appalling and associated with the termination and non-existance. For Allah the Exalted knew that which was to follow, comprehended that which will come to pass and realized the place of every event.

 Allah sent Him (Muhammad saw) as perfection for His commands, a resolution to accomplish His rule, and an implementation of the decress of His mercy. So He found the nations to vary in their faiths, obsessed by their fires, worshipping their idols, and denying Allah despite their knowledge of Him. Therefore, Allah illum inated their darkness with My Father, Muhammad (saw), uncovered obscurity from their hearts, and cleared the clouds from their insights. He revealed guidance among the people. He delivered them from being led astray, led them away from misguidance,  guided them to the proper religion, and called them to the Siratul Mustaqeem (straight path).

 Allah then chose to recall Him back in mercy, love, and preference. Muhammad (saw) is in comfort from the burden of this world, He is surrounded with devoted angels, the satisfaction of the Merciful Lord, and the nearness of the powerful King. May the praise of Allah be upon My Father, His prophet, Trusted One, the chosen one from amongst His creatures, and His sincere friend, and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him. “

 (Then Syeda (sa) said to the crowd;)

 “Surely you are Allah’s slaves at His command prohibition; you are the bearers of His religion and revelation; you are Allah’s trusted ones with yourselves; and His messengers to the nations. Amongst you does He have righteous authority. A covenant He brought unto you and an heir He left to guard you. That is the eloquent book of Allah. The truthful Quran. The brilliant noor. The shining beam. Its insights are indisputable. Its secrets are revealed. Its indications are manifest. Its followers are blessed by it.  (The Quran) leads its adherents to goodwill and hearing it leads to salvation. With it are the bright divine authorities achieved,

His manifest determination acquired, His prohibited decrees avoided, His manifest evidence recognized, His satisfying proofs made apparent, His permissions granted, and His laws written. So Allah made belief to be purification for you from polytheism.

 He made:

  •  Prayer – an exaltation for you from conceit
  • Alms – a purification for the soul and a (cause of) growth in subsistence
  • Fasting – an implantation of devotion
  • Hajj – a construction of religion
  • Justice – a harmony of the hearts
  • Obeying Us (Ahlul Bayt as) management of the nation Our leadership (Ahlul Bayt as) safeguard from disunity
  • Jihad – a strengthening of islam
  • Patience – a helping course for deserving (divine) reward
  • Ordering goodness (amr bi maruf) public welfare
  • Kindness to the parents – a safeguard from wrath
  • Maintaining close relations with one’s kin – a cause for a longer life and multiplying the number of descendants
  • Retaliation (qesas) – for sparing blood (souls)
  • Fulfillment of vows – subjecting oneself to mercy
  • Completion of weights and measures – a cause for preventing the neglect of others’ rights
  • Forbiddance of drinking wine – an exaltation from atrocity
  • Avoiding slander – a veil from curse
  • Abandoning theft- a reason for deserving chastity

Allah has also prohibited polytheism so that one can devote himself to His Lordship. Therefore, fear Allah as He should be feared, and die not except in a state of submission. Obey Allah in that which He has commanded you to do and that which He has forbidden, for surely those truly fear among His servants, who have knowledge.”

 Syeda (sa) then added:

 O’people! Be aware! I am Fatima (sa)! Muhammad (saw) is My Father. You will not find a single contradiction in My Words. Furthermore, I am related to Haqq (truth) and Sadaqat (trustworthiness). Listen! Allah sent His Prophet amongst you who also felt your pain and your sufferings. He only wanted good things for you. He is very kind and a help for the believers. If you want to know Him through His lineage, then you must remember He is only Father unto Me. He is not Father to any other women upon this earth. My Father is cousin to My Husband, Ali (as). No one else upon this earth has such relation as this. We are the Honor for the people. RasoolAllah (saw) delivered the message of His Prophet hood with such greatness that He warned all of the mushriks regarding their wrong doings. He fought against the enemies of Allah. He fought against those who were rebellious towards Allah in order to bring them towards the Right Path. RasoolAllah (saw) invited people towards Allah through the words of Allah. My Father destroyed the idols and defeated the tyrants. The enemies of

 Allah who had gathered together in groups were dispersed. The darkness of ignorance was removed by the Noor of Truth. When the Leader of the Religion spoke, the companions of shaitan became shocked. Hypocrisy was abolished. The kufr (disbelief) was replaced with the acceptance of the tawheed (oneness) of Allah. During the era of darkness, there were very few who were on the Right Path. When you were standing near the edge of the burning volcano, what was your worth in the eyes of those who you considered as powerful? A drop of water? You were so oppressed, so afraid. You were not given any respect, and then RasoolAllah (saw) came. He took you out of this life of shame and disrespect. Allah removed all of your sufferings for the sake of Muhammad (saw). Those powerful people oppressed RasoolAllah (saw). He bore all sufferings but never left His mission. Whenever the enemies of Allah waged war, Allah always overcame them. Whenever the companions of shaitan created a fitna or mushriks attempted to eradicate Islam, RasoolAllah (saw) would ask His Brother, Ali (as), to save Islam. Then Ali (as) would not return until He had removed even the roots of kufr (disbelief). Yes! By His Sword all fitna (divisions) were removed. Ali (as) will face any and every hardship in the way of Allah. And He will do as is necessary in order to protect the Religion. He was very close to RasoolAllah (saw). Allah blessed Him with the Ownership over all of the walis. Ali (as) was one who was always prepared for jihad. He would obey Allah. He would make every sacrifice in the way of Allah. You were living a life of great comfort and ease. You never have to face any sufferings in the way of Allah. You were waiting for that time when We would be in great suffering and difficulty. You are those people who would never fight against the enemies of Allah. Whenever you had to fight in the way of Allah, you always ran away. Yet when Allah chose His Prophet from the House of His prophets and the abode of His sincere (servants), the thorns of hypocrisy appeared in you. The garment of faith became worn out, the misguided ja hils (ignorant) spoke out, the sluggish jahil came to the front and barked. The he-camel of the vain wiggled his tail in your courtyards and shaitan thrust his head from its hiding place and called upon you. He found you responsive to his invitation and observing of his deceits. He then aroused you and found you quick (to answer him) and invite dyou towards wrath. Therefore, you branded other than your camels and proceeded to other than your drinking places. Then while the era of the Prophet was still near, the gash was still wide, the scar had not yet healed, and the Messenger was not yet buried, a (quick) undertaking as you claimed, aimed at preventing adversity.  Surely they have fallen into adversities! And indeed hell fire surrounds the unbelievers. How preposterous! What an idea! What a lie! For Allah’s Book is still amongst you. Its affairs are apparent. Its rules are manifest. Its signs are dazzling. Its restrictions are visible and its commands are evident. Yet, indeed you have thrown it behind your backs! What! Do you detest it? Or is there another reason for which you wish to rule? Evil would be the exchange for the wrongdoers! And if anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), it will never be accepted from him. And in the hereafter, he will be in the ranks of those who have lost. Surely you have not waited until its stampede seized and it became obedient. You then started arousing its flames, instigating its coal, complying with the call of the misled shaitan, quenching the Noor of the Manifest Religion, and extinguished the noor of the sincere Prophet. You concealed sips on froth and proceeded towards His (RasoolAllah saw) kin and children in swamps and forests (meaning you plot against them in deceitful ways), but We are patient with you as if We are being notched with knives and stung by spearheads in Our abdomens. Yet now you claim there is not inheritance for Us! What! Do they then seek a judgement of (the days of ) jahiliyat (ignorance)? But who, for a people whose faith is assured, can give better judgement than Allah? Don’t you know? Yes, indeed it is obvious to you that I am His Daughter.

 O’muslims! Will My inheritance be usurped? O’son of abu quhafa! Where is it in the book of Allah that you inherit your father and I do not inherit Mine? Surely you have come up with an unprecedented thing. Do you intentionally abandone the Book of Allah and cast it behind your back? Do you not read where it says: “And Sulaiman (as) inherited Dawood (as)”?

 And when it narrates the story of Zakriya (as) and says; “So give me an heir as from thyself; (One that) will inherit me, and inhereit the posterity of Yaqoob (as).”

 And; “But kindred by hood have prior rights against each other in the Book of Allah”.

 And; “Allah (thus) directs you as regards your children’s (inheritance) to the male, a portion equal to that of two females”.

 And; “If he leaves any goods, that he make a bequest to parents and next of kind, according to reasonable usage, this is due from the pious ones”.

 You claim that I have no share and I do not inherit My Father! What! Did Allah reveal a (Quranic) ayah regarding you from which He excluded My Father? Or do you say; “These (Fatima (sa) and Her Father) are the people of two faiths, They do not inherit each other?”

 Are We not, Myself and My Father, a people adhering to one faith? Or is it that you have more knowledge about the specifications and generalizations of the Quran than My Father and My Cousin (Moula Ali asws)?

 So here you are! Take it! (Along with) Its nose rope and saddled! But o’abu bakr (la) it shall encounter you on the Day of Gathering, (thus) what a wonderful judge is Allah, Muhammad (saw) is Our savior and leader. O’abu bakr (la) be prepared for its consequences on the Day of Reckoning.

 At the time of the hour shall the wrongdoers lose and it shall not benefit you to regret (your actions) then! For every message, there is a time lim it and soon shall you know who will be inflicted with torture that will humiliate him and who will be confronted by an everlas ting punishment.

 (Syeda (sa) then turned towards the Ansars and said)

 O’you people of intellect! The strong supporters of the nation and those who embraced Islam! What is this shortcoming in defending My right? And what is this slumber (while you see) injustice (being done towards Me)? Did not the Messenger of Allah (saw), My Father, use to say; “A man is upheld (remembered) by his children”

  O’how quick have you violated His orders! How soon have you plotted against Us! But you still are capable (of helping Me) in My attempt and powerful (to help Me) in that which I request and (in) My pursuit (of it).

 Or do you say; “O’Muhammad (saw) has perished”. Surely this is a great calamity. Its damage is excessive. Its injury is great. Its wound (is much too deep) to heal. The earth darkened with His departure. The stars eclipsed for His calam ity. Hopes were seized. Mountains submitted. Sanctity was violated and holiness was encroached upon after His death. Therefore, this, by Allah, is the great afflication and the grand calamity. There is not an affliction which is the like of it. Nor will there be a sudden misfortune (as surprising as this). The Book of Allah, excellent in praising Him announced in the courtyards (of your houses) the place where you spend your evenings and mornings, a call, a cry, a recitation and (ayah) in order. It had previously came upon His (Allah) prophets and messengers. (For it is) a decree final and a predestination fulfilled. Allah says,“Muhammad (saw) is not but an apostle”.

 Many were the apostles that passed away before Him. If He died or was slain, will you then turn back on your heels? If any did turn back on his heel, not the least harm will he do to Allah, but Allah will swiftly reward those who (serve Him) with gratitude.”

 “O’ people of Aus and Khizrij, and Ansar! Will I be usurped the inheritance of My Father while you hear and see Me? (And while) You are sitting and gathered around Me? You hear My call and are included in the (news of the ) affair? (But) You are numerous and well equipped!

 (You have) the means and the power and the weapons and the shields. Yet the call reaches you but you do not answer. The cry comes to you but you do not come to help. ( This) While you are characterized by struggle, known for goodness and welfare, the selected group (which was chosen) and the best ones chosen by the Messenger (saw) for Us, Ahlul Bayt (as). You fought the Arabs, bore the pain and exhaustion, struggled against the nation, and resisted their heroes. You were always quick in obeying Us.

 When Islam became triumphant, the accomplishment of days came near, the fort of polytheism was subjected, the outburst of fabrication subsided, the flames of infidelity calm ed down, and the system of religion was well-ordered. Thus (why have you) become confused after clearness? Conceal matters after announcing them? Turned on your heels after daring? Associated others with Allah after believing?

 Will you not fight people who violated their oaths? Plotted to expel the Apostle and became aggressive by being the first to assault you? Do you fear them? Nay, it is Allah whom you should more justly fear, if you believe!

 Nevertheless, I see that you are inclined to easy living. You have distanced your self from the one who is the most rightful to order the affairs of the muslims (MOula Ali asws). Indeed Ali (asws) is your guardian and savior. He is the most apt in conception and representation of islam. You secluded yourselves with meekness and dismissed that which you accepted. Yet, if you and all on earth together become disbelievers, most surely, Allah is free of all wants and worthy of all praise. But it is the state of the soul, the effusion of fury, the dissemination of the chest and presentation of the proof. Hence, here it is!

 Bag it (leadership) and put it on the back of an ill she camel which has a thin hump, with everlasting grace, marked with the wrath of Allah and the blame of ever which leads to the Fire of the wrath of Allah kindled to a blaze that which doth mount right to the hearts. For Allah witnesses what you do and soon will the unjust assailants know what is their return and I am the Daughter of the One who warned you of severe punishment. So you do what you want to and We will endure and will be patient and you await Allah’s vengeance and We shall await His justice and fairness. “

 Abu bakr (la) replied:

 “O’Daugher of RasoolAllah (saw)! You are truthful and rightful in all your statements but I heard RasoolAllah (saw) say, “We group of prophets neither inherit from anyone nor have anyone who would inherit from Us”.

 Syeda (sa) replied and said;

 “SubhanAllah! Alhamdulilah! RasoolAllah (saw) never turned away from the Book of Allah and neither was He ever opposed to the commandments mentioned in the Holy Quran. He always followed what was indicated in the Holy Quran and always pursued what was implied in its chapters. Have you all combined to betray Him by ascribing to Him what is untrue and false? And all this, after His death, is sim ilar to what was plotted against Him during His lifetime.

 This Book of Allah is the most just of all judges and let it be judging between Me and you and is the most rationallay articulate in deciding between good and evil, haq (truth) and batil (falsehood).

 Holy Quran states, “(the prophet of Allah) Zakariya (as) said, “Grant me one who will inherit me and inherit from the descendants of al Yaqoub”. It also reveals “And Sulaiman (as) inherited from Dawood (as)”. The Most Glorified and the Most Honoured Allah has clarified how the installments will be divided and has laid laws and rules for obligation and inheritance and He has made valid what is to be the share of the males and the females and He has removed from the path the efforts of those who are false, and He has also swept away all possibility of surmise and conjecture as well as doubts and skepticism of the coming nations. Surely it is your own selves which have presented a fictious matter in a rightful and gratifying manner before you. Therefore, patience and endurance is well and good for Me and Allah is My best helping what falsehood you have said”.

 Abu bakr (la) replied;

 “Allah has spoken truthfully and so has His Messenger. The Daughter of RasoolAllah (saw) has also spoken truthfully. You are the source of wisdom and You are the source of guidance and mercy. You are the support of the religion and Allah’s proof of His arguments. I do not reject the truthfulness of Your opinion and neither do I deny Your speech, but it was because of the satisfaction of these muslims who believed in the oneness of Allah and prophet hood of Your Father that I have seized Your inheritance and thus they are equal in this appropriation.”

 Syeda (sa) replied;

 “O’ people who rush towards uttering falsehood and are indifferent to disgraceful and losing actions, you do not seek to reflect upon the Quran and your hearts are isolated with locks. On your hearts is the stain of the evil which you committed. It has seized your hearing and your sigh. Evil is that which you justified. Cursed is that which you reckoned. It is a great repulsive matter which you have exchanged for truth. You shall by Allah find bearing it to be a great burden and its consequences disastrous. On the day when the cover is removed and will appear to you what is behind it of wrath. When you will be confronted by Allah with that which you could never have expected. Those who stood on falsehoods will perish there and then.

 After this Syeda (sa) turned towards Her Father’s grave and recited some words the translation of which is;

 O’ My Beloved Father, amendments w ere created after Y ou

  For w ho dare w ould have done so if Y ou w ere here

 We have been devoid of Y our greatness

 As barren ground is of rain,

 Y our nation is scattered and dispersed

 O’ RasoolAllah (saw )! Can you see how they have left the path of righteousness!”

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