Sermon of the Marifat of Ameerul Momineen (asws)

delivered by RasoolAllah (saw) to Hz Salman (as)

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English sermon of marifat of Ameerul Momineen (asws) delivered by RasoolAllah (saw) available on Wilayat Mission


RasoolAllah (saw) said to Salman (as),

 “O’Salman (as)! I swear by Allah, what I am about to say regarding Ali (asws) was revealed unto Me ;

 “O’ Ali (asws)! Through You the people will be tested”. I swear by Allah, Ali (asws) is proof of Allah upon the people of the earth and heavens, and the whole creation of Allah is dependent upon You.”

 Then RasoolAllah (saw) said, “Momins will gain belief through You and kaffirs will gain deviation through You. To Allah, none is more honorable than Ali (asws). Ali (asws) is that tongue of Allah through whom Allah speaks. Ali (asws) is the wrath of Allah and the blow of the wrath of Allah. Verily, Allah is the blow of Allah. Allah mentions this in Quran, “And certainly We had warned them of Our blow but they did doubt the warnings” (54:36). Verily Allah created You through His commandment and separated You from His creation. He put Your love in the hearts of momins. I swear by Allah, there are angels in the heavens who can only be counted by Allah and who are constantly awaiting the orders of Ali (asws). They remember Ali (asws) continuously. The people of the heavens are proud of having gained the marifat of Ali (asws ) and they gained the marifat of Allah through Your marifat, and they await Your orders.

O’Ali (asws)! I swear by Allah, no one will be able to recognize You, not those who have already passed nor those who will come until the day of judgment.”

 (Tafseer e Furat pg 455)

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