Glorious Sermon of

Hz Abul Fazl Abbas (as)


Hz Abbas (as) delivered this sermon on the roof of the Kaaba when Imam Hussain (asws) was departing from Mecca on the 8th of Zil Hajj 60 AH to go towards Karbala.

“All praise is for Allah who honored Baitullah (house of Allah) with the arrival of the Father (Ali asws) of My Master Imam Hussain (asws). This house was nothing more than a house of stone before the appearance of Ameerul Momineen (asws). After Ameerul Momineen (asws) appeared in the Kaaba, it then became the qibla.

O’ wretched kafirs and oppressors! You are not allowing the Imam (asws) of the pious to visit the Kaaba. The one has the most right to do so.  If it was not for the command of Allah and not for the unseen mysteries of Allah and if Allah had not willed that His creation would be tested, then this Kaaba would have uprooted itself and flown to My Master, but My Moula (asws) came here Himself and honored the Kaaba.

Verily, people kiss Hajr e Aswad (black stone) and Hajr e Aswad kisses the hands of My Moula (asws). The will of Allah is the will of My Moula (asws). The will of My Moula (asws) is the will of My Allah. I swear by Allah if it were not for this, then I would have attacked you the way the eagle attacks the sparrows. I would have cut you into pieces. Are you trying to compete with those who played with death during their childhood? Imagine! How brave must they be to do such a thing in their youth. May Allah sacrifice me upon My Moula (asws) who is the Master of the entire universe.


O’ people! What has happened to your intellect? Do you not recognize what is the difference between the family of the Prophet (saw) and the family of yazid (la)? On one side is the family of yazid (la) who drinks alcohol and on the other side is the Master and Owner of the Pool of Kauthar. On one side are people whose house is the incarnation of evil and impurity and on the other side are those who are the incarnation of purity and They are the owners of revelation and Quran.

You are repeating the same mistakes that the Quraish committed. They planned to kill RasoolAllah (saw) and you are planning to kill the Son of RasoolAllah (saw). The Quraish were not successful in their evil schemes because they could not overcome Ameerul Momineen (asws). Now how can it be possible for you to kill Abu Abdullah al Hussain (asws) when the Son of That Ali (asws) is the protector of the Son of RasoolAllah (saw)?

If you have the courage, then come and try to kill Me. Then you will be able to fulfill your evil desires. I swear by Allah as long as I am alive you will never be successful. May Allah send His wrath upon you, your forefathers, and your offspring! May Allah curse you, your forefathers, and your offspring!

 (Manaqib Sada al Karam by Syed Ainularafeen Hindi )